How to Develop a Plot for a novel

Developing a plot for a novel

Weaving Tips. What is the best way to develop an action in a novel? " Character synopses" in my suggestions instead of a plot-based synopsis. If so, do not write and write again until you are satisfied with the results. If the light strikes, leave the action and follow the story.

Developing a plot of land

I' m not a typist, I can begin with a personality and "see where the personality leads me". I' ve got some planning to do first. I' ll tell you about 29 different patterns of action. However, it seems that we always have to learn everything anew for every new novel and what has worked on the last one may or may not.

I' m familiar with the general plot but I had plot difficulties. In this case, a straightforward 8-tier layout was helpful. Story Goal: What is the major issue in my storyline? When the protagonist breaks down, then what? To achieve the objective, what must be done first?

Prerequisites: For these prerequisites to be fulfilled, what must be done first? What could go awry to indicate that the target will never be attained? To receive the warnings, what must do first? How much does the protagonist of the game contribute to the game? Which sacrifices must he/she make to reach the target?

Contrary to the cost, are the unforeseen marvelous things that could arise from the fight for the target? Those issues gave me the opportunity to make the history a little more structural. In addition, I reviewed the issues for each of the three sub-plots because I knew I could jump over one or two of the issues for a particular sub-plot because they didn't have to be as well evolved as the major plot.

Now what I'm doing is a summary that puts these plot threads together. I hope for a 5-10-page summary of the history, from which I can develop a scenelist. A few things I consider when working on this synopsis: Is history at stake?

Specific occurrences. Is there any specific event that could develop into a powerful scene? Balancing plot and subplot: Is a side plot overpowering? Do I have a powerful line of passage for the primary plot? Signs. I really need all these side actors? Anything I can do is to fight the storyline and find the right texture, the right mix of history and character.

Contribute to your history.

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