How to Create your own Ebook

To create your own ebook

Click in the section "Create new title" on + light eBook. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating your own eBook. So what if using Microsoft Word to create a book cover were really a possibility? With Lulu, you can create, convert, and sell eBooks. Launch your own professional cover design competition.

Creating an ebook for your shop

There are many dreams of becoming writers. However, as a shop proprietor or businessman, it is not just about making a fantasy come true when you write a work. It' all about the development and growth of your company. Be it an eBook that can be downloadable from your website or a'real' eBook that you are selling at Amazon, it can be an important part of your company policy.

however for your ebook to get you results, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. ebook. These are the 10 easy ways to create an ebook that will help you reach your company's objectives. Can I create an eBook? But before we get to those paces, let's consider why you want to create an ebook in the first place.

There are several ways an ebook can help your business: One is as an extra source of income - but the reality is that you probably won't make much with your first volume, at least not immediately. In order to make cash from ebook purchases, you need to do a great deal of promotional and sourcing.

Only when you have five or six ledgers on offer can you begin to earn good living. So if you want to make a profit from e-book sales, get started now - just be in no doubt that it won't be an immediate make! Secondly, the second way in which an ebook can help your company is to increase your credit.

Writing a textbook about your subject area is a mark that you know what you are about! You' ve eventually authored a volume on a subject, so you must be an authority! Eventually, your ebook can move directly into your shop by becoming part of your promotional hopper.

Spend free copy of your eBook in return for people's e-mail address - the classic'free' opt-in - to get them on your e-mail mailing lists and later turn them into clients. Your eBook allows you to guide individuals to the next stage of working with you in an organic way. You will want to get free on your own ebook before you even begin on your own unique objectives.

Considering the different ways in which a product can create value for your company, what are your motives for composing this one? How important will it be in your publishing and publishing environment? In which of your procucts or service should it be incorporated? It is important for you to be super clear on your grounds for typing the product because it keeps you motivating throughout the cognition and ensures that the dressed ebook athletic contest those goal.

When you have a company, you should already have a clear image of your perfect customers or customers. Usually this is the individual you want to be reading your text so that your perfect readers fit your perfect customers. Which things would they be looking for on Google and Amazon?

Don't omit this move as it is crucial if you want an ebook that folks really want to be able to read. However, it is not a snap. It may tempt you to bring your whole lifestyle to this first volume as your final heritage to the underworld. Secondly, you go into the field of'vanity publishing' because you only think about what you want to say instead of what your customers want to do.

It is much more efficient to select a tight subject in which they are interested and in which they can give concrete responses to people's queries. After you know who you are typing for and what you are typing about, you can begin to create an outlines for the ebook. Begin with the end in your head:

After reading your eBook, what should your reader be able to do? Begin with your core message - these are your sections. If you use the above picture in the script "Single No More", for example, the message keys you would want from the writer could be included: These are the specific ways in which you can improve your life; here is how you can move forward - and find your soul mate.

Then, note the most important points that the readers need to know for each news item - these will be included in the contents of the paragraph. It saves you a great deal of your own publishing experience and ensures that you are able to create contents that address your reader's problems.

It is one of those "important, but not urgent" jobs that are forced back when working on pressing issues. Plan your diary to write regularly - the best policy is to allow one or two minutes before opening your inbox.

When you don't like to type or know your limitations in orthography and vocabulary, try to put together a slide as if you were reporting on your subject. Regarding how much to type, there is no magical length for an eBook. It' really about getting the best value for money: you want to make sure you offer the right solutions and that the contents are not too easy, so that your readers are frustrated and feel they have lost their valuable resources.

When you did your preparatory work on getting free on your readers and selecting a slender subject, selecting a track should be direct. Remember you have a game around with a utility like Google Keyword Planner to find the words being searched for and try to write things in Amazon Quest to see what comes up.

Ensure that the cover shows what the work is about. If you look at Joe Rawlinson's novel, it's clear what the script is (a guideline for twins), for whom it is ("Fathers with Twins"), and what it will tell you ("how to overcome twinned pregnancies and get ready for your twins").

There is another guide for the next level, Dad's Guide to Twins: Divide your text into smaller sections with headlines and subtitles to make sure it's easy to scan. The easiest way to do this is to have your text converted to Adobe Reader format. If you only provide your text as a free file, the easiest way is to create a file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Take a look at these practical design hints to see how you can do it right. When you will be distributing your ebook on a third plattform like Amazon, you will want to use a pattern - there are choices for Kindle and also for different paperbacks if you will print on request.

See Amazon's eBooks and Printed on Demand publication guidelines for more information on sizing. There are two areas where you don't want to save money. One is the edit, the second is the artwork layout (more on that later). Professionally written works go through rounding and rounding of the editorial staff, editorial work and review.

As for the contents, you can get your available fellowship and client to review or outlines your design and give you feed-back - this will also help get your audiences to buy into your ebook before it is even released. You at least want other folks to proofread the definitive copy - you'll go blind to errors if you've been working on it all these years.

Typos and bad language are the most serious symptoms of an uncomfessional textbook and, if anything, they will do more damage than good to your company. A second important project is a professionally designed front page. Their coverage is the first thing that will make them see when they are considering downloading your ebook. It won't get many hits if your artwork isn't noticed or looks like an amateur.

You want a daring layout that clearly conveys what your textbook is about and for whom it is intended. When you want to sell your books on Amazon, make sure your covers match the category you choose and even stand out as a small thumnail. As far as formatting is concerned, you need a 2-D copy for Amazon and a 3-D copy that you can use in your promotional use.

To read more tips on best practice for books jackets, see this crucial leader to books jacket scheme and this articles on ebook envelope scheme for a digit people. Given that your ebook is going to be part of your so-cause even if it is primarily for plausibility, you might make it work harder for you and your trade objectives as well - you want to make sure that you have put it right.

To do this, the easiest way is to create a page where you can choose a free copy of the textbook (in format PDF) against your e-mail-adress. You can also add an opt-in hyperlink to the contents of the books if you want to distribute the books on third-party websites such as Amazon and ensure that you bring others to your website and your fellowship.

It can be right at the beginning of the page, so even those who don't buy the product can see the links when they look at the first few pages. Your links and calls to act should add value to the books - perhaps a bookkeeper or a range of spreadsheets that follow the contents, an e-mail course or a DVD footage show.

They may think your work is done once you have typed your ebook and you have put it out there.

You want to inspire your reader for your novel and get them to talk. To coincide with the start of his Building a Historybrand publication, writer Donald Miller has included the first section and sent it to his e-mail address for free. There' re many things you can do to inform people:

ommunicate the bookstarter to your online communities and your e-mail-lists. Prelaunch with free copy or bonus for those on a waitlist. If necessary, add a downlaod to your e-mail signatures. Become imaginative and publish your work! Do you need the right eBook sleeve?

Launch your own professionally designed covers competition.

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