How to Create Illustrations for Children's Books

Create illustrations for children's books

Make your story come to life with appealing graphics that jump from the page. Now, you're an illustrator, right? So, I'm sure you want to illustrate it!

For how long should a children's textbook normally take to be illustrated?

Cynthia agrees: the periods vary greatly, according to the type of work. Others are, among others, marketing/PR planning, feed back period, not really postponable release deadlines (e.g. because it would mean that they would coincide with your release deadlines for other books). Currently I work with Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers, HarperCollins Children's and Random House Children's Books.

I have been asked in the past how long my books took, and I find the issue so difficult to respond to because (at least in my case) there were several laps of drafts that took me a while to complete while I was awaiting your comments. Like John, too, I usually have the mess in my hands until I subscribe the compact, so I can have a head start on outlines.

At the moment I have metrics for some forthcoming books, for example, whose dates are not for a few years. It is my intention to create rough drafts and characters during the "waiting times for feedback" for my work. Compare to others that respond in this thread, I' m relatively new -- although I have new books projects that come up, I have only ONE books in bookshops and have only completed two to now.

What I find is that when I appreciate the amount of thought I have to put in some of it. It' s not just about the drawings, but also about the history, reflecting on the history, looking for answers to optical issues, taking the initiative, withdrawing and looking at the overall narration, asking myself if there is anything else I can do in my artwork to give the history something more.

In my last work ( "NAKED! for S&S") I think I redrawn only one of the pictures over 40 time.

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