How to Create Children's Book Illustrations

Creating children's book illustrations

I' m looking for an illustrator for a children's book. Creating magical Photoshop children's book illustrations At first I began to illustrate the storybooks of other authors. I always got better at Photoshop as I learnt more sophisticated technologies. Although publication prices increased my self-confidence, I wasn't 100% happy with my photos - but I couldn't find out why. I generally used Photoshop filtering to get great illustrations.

Plug-in filter such as coloring, cinema look and classic effect can quickly enhance any kind of illustrations with dramatic, deep and poppy content. Recently, however, I came across Story Type, the astonishing Karen Alsop's digitally illustrated work. Alsop taught me how to create illustrative magics using Photoshop's indigenous tool.

First and foremost - lighting. Here is an example before and after. Before we started working together, the first picture below was taken for the writer Tamara Shiloh. His fundamental graphic styling contains items from her history Just Fantasy.... What If There Were No Black people In the World: Tamara wanted to use genuine humans in her book, just like me.

As I began to illustrate Tamara's book, I also began to study Alsop's work. I' ve looked at every story art video on her website and used the personal classes she provided on Skype. In my opinion it seems to have the light qualitiy that I have not achieved with plug-in filter alone.

That translucency - that red-hot glow - is the magical thing that has escaped me. Some of the above scene's magical effects come from layered lights using Photoshop's level settings. As a horrible fotographer, I use stick pictures for single items - except for the boy/main figures. In order to create each sequence, I insert all items into a Photoshop composit.

Reccomend these ressources for high resolution archival images: Photoshop plugin with tens of thousand of PNG and PSD 3-D entities that you can turn for a perfectly customizable picture. An enormous library of illustrations, videos, photographs; I would like to invite the writers to create pictures of storybooks.

If you can't paint or take a proper picture, it is possible to make your own magic illustrations.

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