How to Create and Publish a Book

Creating and publishing a book

To write, create and publish your first children's book: Now, professional authors pay attention to creating books that readers love. You will work with trained editors, professional designers and more. Build and publish great books for iPad, iPhone and Mac. In this video you will learn how to create your first online publication.

Find out how to format and release your books in Microsoft Word.

Self-editing is the shaft of the futur for writers. Greater creativity gives more accountability to the self-publisher-autor. Whereas the conventional way of publication lasts longer, many of the more complicated parts of the procedure are taken over by the large publisher. Today's available technologies make it easy to publish a great-looking work, but the job of producing great-looking works can become expensive for freelance writers with little to no formal designing expertise and resources.

The purpose of this course is to help writers complete their work. While many writers attach great importance to typing and editorial work, they sometimes fail to put so much money into the overall picture. The course focuses on how to make good-looking textbooks in less amount of hands.

When you have already authored a manual and are willing to take the last steps of your trip, this course will help you to optimally understand the fundamentals of using the built-in features of Microsoft Word. The majority of individuals have Word on their laptop at home or at work.

In fact, the best available text editing program is Wordpro. This course's step-by-step tutorials will guide you through the creation of a" print-ready" paper for the many print-on-demand organizations you can choose from. Every course contains information about the different facets of the designing world.

While you' ve never used any of the features in Word before, you'll be learning some important things you need to make great work. The course is for those who want more access to Microsoft Word documentation and workbooks. The course is aimed at freelance writers who want more complete and accurate information on the appearance of their work.

The course is for those who are willing to publish their work. The course is NOT for those who have not yet completed their work.

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