How to Create and Ebook

This is how to create and ebook

To create an e-book in seven stages Ever since the release of my new e-book, Create Your Personal Life Plan, I've had a few folks ask me how I made it. This was the first time I did so when I released my two earlier e-books on the subject, namely I wrote a winnings non-fiction and fiction-related. An important thing to keep in mind is that I did not have any intention of making an e-book for purchase.

I only wanted to create a "bonus" that I could use to create my email subscriptions for you. Nevertheless, I wanted the e-book to be outstanding so that it would bring added value to my readership. There is something strange about the size of the e-book. There are other common e-books that also use this standard, which includes WordPress, Evernote Essentials and Zen to Done dong.

These are the seven stages I took to create the e-book. Of course, this does not involve advertising, which I can use for blogging later if I am interested enough: Then I made junctions and completed the gaps. And I chose what e-book functions I wanted. Thought about some other e-books for inspiration, as well as the ones I said above.

At first I thought it was a good idea to add links in the text, to navigate easily to different parts of the text, a way to easily read the e-book, and a way to view it in full view mode. Also I wanted to give a release number because I wanted to refresh the e-book from there.

I' ve made my own "slide size" of 792 pixel x 612 pixel. Then I opted for a seafaring topic. My choice was Requiem Display, Myriad Pro and Gotham. It was a matter of cutting and pasting the contents, creating one page at a stretch, creating different items and labels. Now, from a technical point of view, I print it from Keynote and select the Save as PDF in the lower lefthand part of the print dialogue.

The result was a really large file: over 10 megabyte! There are still some on my to-do lists (e.g. create an Amazon Kindle version). I' m planing several more e-books like this one.

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