How to Create a Story Outline

Can I create a story outline?

A few can sit down and roll with the blows so that the action can unfold before their eyes. Yes, dear writer. You' ve got a storyline, great. All you have to do now is work on the smaller details. But everything that character X does only seems to aggravate the trouble.

To create a complicated story sketch

Hello, The purpose of my asking the questions is that my story does not have the normal outlines associated with telling stories. It' s more autobiographic (what I plan to tell as fiction) about my trip through 5 different states. First of all, my homeland, from which nature is trying to flee for political and private purposes.

In a First Worlds land, where she is naive in her attempts to'make it great', she manages to achieve a one-year sojourn. But she is running out of it and nothing lasting comes close. She goes home with her tail between her feet just to grab the chance to go to a third land - this is not her goal, she sees it as a springboard to get to another place, and the contents of this part are built on her experience and her persistent fear, because she doesn't want to be there as if she were in a limbo.

While in the 4th land she wins some successes, meeting her prospective spouse, both can never live there, and as they are both literate, they are struggling with questions about what and where they call their home and how they can make a living for their children.

You end up in a fifth state and that is a win, but also full of insecurity and hope. That is the briefest part of the story, because it reaches a coveted goal and of course has to leave the remainder to the reader's fantasy. I would like to learn how I can create a story without the boring readership or the loss of identity with the figure through its development in the work.

I' ve got to tell you, this outline goes quite well with a default story line of four acts. It would look something like this..... First act: Your main character flees to the first realm, but cannot prosper in it. Akt 2: The Adventures of your Adventurer in the Land of the "Springboard". Appraisal 3: In the 4th land she met her prospective spouse (and everything was built on the crisis).

Acts 4: The main character finds a lucky one. It seems that in this case the riders decide to move to a new state. Her last rider (at the end of the 4th act) will be her choice or the realisation that she has now found a place she does not have to be.

Naturally, while she has different kinds of issues to investigate and deal with in each nude/place, she will also have an inner voyage in which she is put under pressure to transform. Activity 1: Determine who she is and how she tries to deal with it. Activity 3: Your own crises will be your choice whether to make it happen (and this will lead to success) or to persevere and the surrounding environment will be changed and its outlook confirmed (because you want a happily ever after).

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