How to Create a Professional Ebook

Creating a Professional Ebook

Build a Professional Ebook (EPUB) - Kobo Writing Life Help Centre Are you having problems reformatting your Word document or are you just looking to save yourself the bother of having to create your own eBook? If you need a professional EPUB image, we can help you to get one. We have teamed up with translation professionals to give our writers the opportunity to get nicely-format EPUBs, which they can post to all important publication sites.

Conversions are subjected to thorough quality control before they are shipped to you to make sure they are uploaded seamlessly. Also please include the original artwork + covers (if available) of your books so that we can check it. Only for KWL? EPUBs are used by all important publishers (Draft2Digital, Smashwords).

The sole purpose of this feature is to make a professional downloadable eReader version available. Before I send my files to you, how do I get them ready? When you have used user-defined scripts, make sure they are embeded (if your document is a PDF) or sent to us, otherwise we will replace a similar one.

Make sure that this is working. Make sure that all sections are clearly marked. Apart from the error that occurred during the translation, we cannot make any further changes to this document after it has been translated. When you convert to the EPUB formats, please see the following section:

The reason for this is that the page numbers in your own table of contents no longer count after converting (reflowable epoxy pages have no permanent pages). - In addition, we will not add any header or footer lines to the original document, as a reflow-capable EPOb does not use them. The reason for this is that the page numbers in your own table of contents no longer count after converting (reflowable epoxy pages have no permanent pages).

What is the function of an endnote in a KWL-converted document? Is it possible to apply for an adjustment in my eBook? Please note that we will use the formats specified in your original files. Therefore it is important that your data is operational. I have to submit a saved font in my password? You must make sure that your font is included in your files.

Often, however, we give back data earlier. If I find a bug in my eBook? Up to five working day to inform us after the final product is delivered. We will not fix any bugs that were in the source document, so please make sure that your document is complete before you submit it to us.

Which types of eBook can you create? I think we can make it: Are you able to create an ebook with JavaScript/Audio/Video? Yes, but please note that you cannot post these files to the Kobo Writing Life App. Where do I get my eBook? We will send you an e-mail if your files are smaller than 10 megabytes.

You can get complete guidance on how to access your files. As soon as you have retrieved and unpacked the attached epoxy, you can load it into KWL. It has been downloaded to the FTP server for download only. It is not possible to add the translated e-pub to Kobo Writing Life by default (if a problem occurs, we will certainly help).

Since many of our writers want to send the same epoxy to other resellers, we will send the final article directly back to you. After I have received my eBook, how do I test it? To display the EFPUB on any Kobo application, follow the steps below or use Adobe Digital Editions or any other e-reading application.

If I am not satisfied, how do I get a full reimbursement on my eBook? We will not provide a non-refundable fee if the error was due to an error in the initial code or to a default in communicating requests to us. I can' t e-mail my booksize.

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