How to Create a Book Online

Creating a book online

I recommend a tool like Canvas Free Online Book Cover Maker or Adobe Spark's Book Cover Maker (also free) if you really want to try it for yourself. A variety of PDF bookmakers are online. Simply create the book cover you've been looking for. Test the only online book cover manufacturer that self-publisher authors find easy to use! High quality travel photo books online.

How to build an online course from your books in 3 stages

A short while ago, my boyfriend Gregory was four short days away from the publication of his first work. He' d spend most of a year composing and working on his work. Only a few days after the start he realised that he had failed to think about something important: How should he monetise the backend?

Self-editing's trip reaches an important landmark with the introduction of its first volume, but does not end there. If a well-established product can certainly generate a good return if you do not monetise the backend of the product by advising, talking or building on-line training sessions, then you are not realising the full impact of self-publishing.

Like they say, a new calling cards is a textbook. But you can not only have a calling cards - you also need the shop behind the name. You can monetarize the backend of a ledger in several ways: Whilst I am prejudiced, my favourite way is to build an on-line course.

Aware that I specialized in on-line classes, Gregory asked me for help in creating a course for the new course he was about to release. I will share 3 easy ways to build on-line classes from your textbooks. You can also use these hints to maximise the results of your next (or a previous) work.

Just think of taking every single volume you've released that folks buy for $5-$10 and quickly turn the same contents into a concurrent commodity for which you can calculate 10 to 100x. If you own a course manufacturing firm, you often ask the same questions when it comes to turning a course into an onlinebook: "What is a school?

So why would folks want to spend more on the same stuff? That' a great quest-- These are some important distinctions between a course and a textbook (apart from the apparent difference in format). Sound - If you could reread your story aloud and literally, it would be an audio story that feels very different from an on-line course.

Much of the value of a textbook lies in researching the "why" of a subject, or possibly a story, while a course is structured to be very workable. However, it is very difficult to use what you have learned from a work. An essential part of the value of an on-line course is how simple it is to take measures.

It is conceived in such a way that it is immediately convertible, while in a manual about net-working more general approaches to the topic of network can be discussed, e.g. why it is a good Idea to go to a meeting, to establish a good visual connection, to present humans to each other, etc... To see some real-life samples, take a look at the audio guide and the on-line course copy of Gregory's textbook for comparison (you can get a free sample of each to see what I mean).

This is the precise procedure we have used to create course in our Course In A Box method in tens of different industries: Create a text-based course, a video-based course that focuses on watching movies in real time, or record your monitor while you're teaching someone how to programme, or record a slide while you're teaching.

They can also take two or 20 hour classes. First and foremost, the contents would be a mixture of well-designed transparencies combined with premium contents such as experts' testimonials, follow-along PDF guidebooks, etc. The aim of a modul is to lead the participants through an important mile-stone. Convert the transparency layout into transparencies - Make a transparency artwork you like and adjust the transparencies to fit your transparency layout.

Recording the lecture notes as an audiofile - Have a seat and enjoy reading your lecture notes as much as possible. Do not try to capture your monitor with the transparencies at the same moment, the picture will be of poorer resolution. Capture the sound individually and then adjust the postproduction transparencies. Take a break and say "SLIDE X" between the transparencies.

Combination of the transparencies and the sound files to one single videofile - Self-explanatory. You are advised to use a Google disk directory tree, to which we provide links below to organize things. You can also redirect visitors to a dedicated website that provides free extra ressources and free down-loads in return for their e-mail adress.

You will want to create an e-mail autoresponders that provides added value and leads them through the entire lifecycle, from reading the books to wanting to go further and buy the course. Professional tip: Insert this downlaod at the beginning AND end of the textbook, ideally a few in the center.

Don't everyone finish every product they buy, so you want to make sure they see the links even if they stop after the first section. You can even embed the page with the shortcut into the "free preview" of the eBook in the Childle Shop to get more folks to see it.

and that, my mates, is the strength to combine a script with an on-line course. But I know it's difficult to write a single volume (I've done several myself), and when it's finished and released, you might find yourself feeling finished. But remember that providing a course is your opportunity to either get started or quickly expand your company.

One of the best ways to maximise the value of your books is to get someone out of your books to find other parts of your brands. Provide those who like your books the chance to continue working with you, either through an on-line course or through one of the other ways described above.

Post a question review or post your results by building an on-line course from your textbook. Do you like what you are reading and want to know more about it? We' re hosting a FREE on-line shop where Chandler reveals the precise policies and strategy with which he has written and published 6 bestsellers in a series..... and with which he has built a 7-digit company in less than 2 years.

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