How to Create a Book in Publisher

To create a book at the publisher

You can use the formatting features of Microsoft Publisher to set up the book the way you want it. You can use Publisher to print your book. To create a PDF book cover. Complimentary book templates for self-publication. Once the deal is completed, the publisher will start to create a book that it believes will be sold on the current market.

To create a book cover in Microsoft Publisher

When eBooks and e-readers can't substitute the feel of a book back opening and having a genuine book in your hands, Microsoft Publisher can help you customise your own bookcase. Publisher lets you present the best face of your book with full controls over pictures, colours and text placements for your next novel or memoirs.

Get up and running when the word is judging your book by its Microsoft Publisher coverage. Forward the best face of your book with a book sleeve made by the publisher. Start Publisher 2013 and click on the icon "More empty page sizes". Then click on the "Custom" tab and fill in the measurements of your bookcase. Brainstorming the kind of book you design for.

In the " Create new page size " dialog box, type the measurements and click the "OK" pushbutton. Select the "Page Design" page and then the "Background" pushbutton. To open the "Format Background" dialog, click on the "More Backgrounds" option. You can use this option to give your book a full-page look. Use the Fill selection for a monochrome wallpaper or try "gradient,""pattern," or "texture fill" for eye-catching visual.

Select "Fill image" if you have a full-size photo for the wallpaper, e.g. a seaside area. Select the "Insert" register card and click on the "Draw Text Field" icon in the ribbon. Mark a checkbox at the top or bottom of the sleeve where you want the song to appear.

Enter the book name. Use the Home card and the font area of the multifunction bar to reformat the next one. Remember that the text should be clear and legible, especially if you have a competitive backgroundsign. Produce bright text on a bright backdrop or bright text on a bright backdrop, and make sure that the text is legible to someone a few yards away in a bookshop.

Enter another text field and your name, then format the text in the same way, with your name slightly smaller than the book name. Attach extra text fields, such as authors blur, accolades or nominees, or text about the book as a continuation or part of a series.

Press the "Images" icon in the Paste card row. Navigate to an illustration you want to use for the book art and double-click it. That is something you can do instead of creating a full-size picture as a wallpaper. You can also add an artist photograph or a corporate brand in this way.

While you can also click the "Online Images" icon on the color string and look for clipart for the book artwork, make sure you select something that is conspicuous and not too general so that the reader understands what your book is about. Printing the book jacket and gluing it on a book of similar sizes can be of use.

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