How to Create a Book Cover in word

Creating a book cover in word

Select "File>>New>>>>" and click on "Create" on the right side. First, you need an eye-catching cover. "Navigate to the title screen and double-click it. Enter your search term on the left and select "Photos". When you select "No book cover", your book uses the generic icon in your iBooks library.

Fast-paced cover design

Do you know that you can create an e-book cover in Word? So far I have hobbled rather clumsily at GIMP. However, making a cover in Word has opened things up for me. Graphics artist Derek Murphy created a video clip that helps me create the cover on the lefthand side.

I' m not a builder, but I learnt a great deal about designing by following his moves. The cover was submitted to the Ebook Cover Designs Awards contest on the Book Design Blogs. {\a6} (You'll need to scale down three fourths of the way to see the cover.) Not too hard for the first one.

When you have Word 2010 on your computer, and you want your hands in creating a cover just for laughs, give Derek's Tutorial a try. It' so much simpler than creating a cover in GIMP. Watch Derek Murphy's detailed instruction. Use one of these utilities to turn your Word cover into a JPG or PNG.

Free MS Word Cover Templates | Book Cover Template

Create your own cover artwork for your book? We need a PDF of your front page and another PDF of your back page setup. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know to create your own book cover before publishing. Have a look at our video tutorials and find answers to general book cover layouts FAQ.

When you plan to create your own cover, you will need to deploy two distinct artworks-one for the back cover and one for the front cover. Yes, it must be two separated data sets. A picture is often a key characteristic of every cover. It has to be captivating and representative of your book, but it has to be clear and concise.

When you print an original picture, it must have a certain number of pixels, otherwise it will be blurred. The cover should be at least 200 DPI for the best printability. Best is 300 DPI. To find the DPI of an artwork or picture you want to use for your front and back, please see the book cover dissolution guide film.

Our cover stencils are provided with . 125" trimming on all four sides. Upload the right pattern for the right cut sizes of your book. We do not need a back data from you if you use our Free Book Spin Creation at all.

The designer will put the book's name and the author's name on the back and try to use the same colour pattern as the front and back. We' ll try to use the same or very similar typefaces as on the cover.

Please be aware that a book under 70 pages is too thin to have a back. And if you also want to create the spinal column or have it designed by a graphics artist, use our spinal calculator to determine the size of your spinal column and the overall trim. The majority of designers use Adobe InDesign and submit a cover with the front, back and back in a print-ready lay-out to us.

The backend computer is for experienced page design software developers. For self-publishing, we suggest that you use our free book back production services. You, as the writer, will receive a PDF of the back and a seperate PDF of the front: How about the ISBN number? In order to enter an ISBN number, please choose "Create barcode" under "Additional services" for your bookstores.

25 " large empty area somewhere on the back of the bar code cover sheet. If you need to buy the current ISBN number from, please click here to learn more about how to buy an ISBN number. Save as PDF is a part of the process of creating files, but we made it easier for you with our basic dpdf-mapper.

Once you have created the cover you want to use, you must store them as PDFs. Visit our "Create Your PDF" page to get your copy of DO-PDF and usage guidelines. Briefly, once you' ve got your dpdf software up and running, open the picture you' re using for your cover and choose "Print".

Clicking OK saves a PDF copy of the document where you saved it. When you want a user-defined font that is not included in our layouts, you must create your own layouts. When you want a definitive book bleed of 5.25 x 8.25.

Your Word file must be 5. 25 x 8.25 in area. When you want your pictures to be cropped (with pictures or graphs going directly to the cut edge), you need to add". 125" on all four sides of the page as well. To create a customized cover with a definitive cropping of 5. 25 x 8. 25, you need to resize the Word page to 5. 5 x 8. 5, and modify your borders to .38".

When you embed typefaces, all of your computer's text information is collected and saved in the PDF document. Types that are not in the PDF document can be reflowed and warped. Also, popular typefaces, such as Times, must be embeded, as there are many different types of them.

And the good thing is that it' s very simple to include font in your cover files. The Mac computer embeds the font files in an automatic way. Where can I tell if my pictures and graphs are high definition? If you want to verify the resolutions of your pictures and graphs, the best way is to create the PDF document and then zooming in 300% to 400% to see if the picture or graphs are blurred.

To see the differences between a high-resolution picture and a low-resolution picture, click here. Our expirience has shown that you should not get templates for your cover from web sites and picture research, as the pictures on web sites have only 72 index points and are printed very poorly. But if you are satisfied with the low definition picture you will be able to have it printed.

Which is the recommended DPI of pictures and graphs? Can I give you my number? If you place your order, you can enter your IBN number by selecting our Create Bar Code feature under Benefits. Keep in mind to have an area of 1.25" high x 2" large for the bar code.

You can get your own ESBN numbers from one of the following addresses: You can find everything you need to know about ESBN numbers here. You are advised not to buy the bar code from them, as it is simpler for us to create it than to transmit the bar code picture to us in high resolution.

What kind of person should you put on your back? What number of pages does my book have to have to have to be printed on its back? Approximately 70 pages are the minimal number of pages required to have any kind on the back. Everything that is smaller in page number makes the guy so small that he is not legible on the back.

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