How to Contact Book Publishers

This is how you can contact the book publisher

Send us an email for general enquiries using the form below, or see the list below for contact information by department. In case you cannot find the publisher you are looking for or if you believe that our contact details are incorrect, please contact us. The Aleph Book Company India, New Delhi Tel. Please contact us if you are interested in publishing our titles in Europe: CockyBot book blog flies to the rescue in the brand wars of literature.

Abacus celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2013 with the new edition of 18 of our classics with new author-launches.

Abacus celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2013 with the new edition of 18 of our classics with new author-launches. Little, Brown is a literal hardcover print within the Little, Brown Book Group. Little, Brown is published in hardcover and e-book, with paperback published under our Abacus and Sphere impressions.

We are the SF and Fantasy Impressum of Little, Brown Book Group. With our cutting-edge editorial strategy, we have introduced many of the most sought-after and inventive new parts in the field of filmmaking, such as Paolo Bacigalupi, Jim Butcher, Trudi Canavan, Gail Carriger, Charlaine Harris, Karen Miller, K.J. Parker, Ian Tregillis and Brent Weeks.

Romanticism, para-normal romanticism, criminality, thrillers, non-fiction and much more. The Piatkus Group offers a collection of nonfiction and nonfiction work. Piatcus is also known for its great diversity of literary works, including romantic ism, historic literary, para-normal, supernatural and horrific. The Sphere is home to some of the world's most beloved writers and textbooks. Are you a fan of pop culture literary, there is a good chance that you are currently studying a Sphere book.

Almost forty years after its beginnings in 1973, Virago is the preeminent publishing house for women's literature worldwide.

Contacting and searching for acquisition writers

Gateholders of the publication of the academic book are acquisition journalists working on universities and professional journals. Acquisition writers are the persons to whom you submit your book suggestion once you have made it. This article explains how to contact and find the journalists of acquisition companies. When you have chosen where you want to have your book published, the next stage is to contact the journalists who work on printing machines to determine whether or not your script is suitable for their work.

Three main ways to get in touch with the writers of these takeovers: Web sites, meetings and face-to-face meetings. First way to find the writers of acquisition is through web sites. The majority of press releases lists the acquisition journalists on their website. The University of Minnesota Press, for example, has its own website for submitting proposals and a directory of editor.

Coverage writers specialise by subject area and area, so please review the lists to find out which writer is nearest to your own work. A further usual possibility to get in contact with the journalists of Akquise is to hold meetings. Journalists often participate in meetings such as the Latino American Studies Annual Meeting, the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting and any other large book exhibition event.

When you have a suggestion you can contact the acquiring writers before the meeting and ask them if they are willing to come and talk to you about your work. They can also go through the book exhibition with your suggestion in their hands and pass it on to interested Akquise journalists or their assistant.

You can also contact the editor even if you do not have a brochure available to measure their interest. It can be daunting, so be brief with one-minute and five-minute presentations of your book and its work. The third way to contact the editor is to make contact personally.

When you know someone who has posted with a particular newspaper and knows your work well, you can ask them to refer your work to an editorial journalist. A lot of publishers like to exchange their editors' contact information with potential book writers, especially if they think your work is promising.

What matters is that the writer you ask is a big supporter of your work so that he feels at ease and recommends you to a publishing house. As soon as you find an editors willing to work with you, you will enter into a long lasting relation with that one.

That' s why it is important to get started with the right feet and to be sure that you have a good working relationship there. It is therefore a good idea to contact the acquisition editors before you send all your work.

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