How to Contact a Publisher

To contact a publisher

The worst thing you can do is ask them if they might be interested in your book. They have asked that you contact them directly to request electronic files for use with students with printing disabilities. Scottish Literary Agents contact details and information. We' re happy to talk to agents.

Unfortunately, for data protection reasons, we are unable to pass on the contact details of our publishing houses. In order to find a publisher profile page: Browse to one of their releases and then choose the name or picture of the publisher under the release.

Chances are the contact information you are looking for is somewhere on their site.

As you wait for an answer to your first script, start the next one. Keep trying if your script doesn't find a home right away.

What can I do to protect my work?

Do you want me to do my own publishing?

Does self-publication mean the publication of subsidies?

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