How to Compose a Book

Composing a book

A different approach to piano lessons, which I sometimes take, is to help children compose their own pieces to learn them at the piano. Like writing a history book review. For exactly these reasons, I never really set out to write a poetry book. She is the author of more than a dozen books and chapbooks and editor of Women Write Resistance: Well, there's no right way to write a book review.

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It is best to consult your print shop in advance to find out the page sizes, number of pages, borders, colours and more. i.e. if you produce a full colour print, it is more costly than a full colour one. If you are starting, please set up the page (double click on the margin) and select twice the page length. i.e. if the volume is 14x20cm, select 28x20cm, then go to "Layout" and select "Booklet" and "facing pages".

First page will be alone, the same for the last, and the other page will be in the same order in which you will be reading the volume (2-3. 4-5) etc. You can use the imposing functions in the printing previews to view the document, but the best way is to go to FIle/publish as PDF and select PDF X/3, then go to "config" and insert "Bleed" and "cropmarks" in the option tabs.

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