How to buy Publisher

Buy Publisher?

Purchase Publisher directly from Dolphin's online store. PURCHASE ONLINE: Buying our books online is easy. Choose the books of your choice and put them into the shopping cart. Hip-Hop From Timbaland & Drake.

Are you ready to buy or sell royalties?

1. Choose your licence

To find out if you are entitled to a discount, please check our licensing page to see which licence types best fit your needs and our discounts page. Voucher code? Please fill it in on the order sheet. Before you buy, please make full use of your evaluation time.

Any information you input is encoded. When you have a voucher code, type it in the voucher code box on the order page (see below) and click the Update shopping cart icon. SWREG will send you an e-mail with the proof of your order and the license activation code(s).

For each purchased licence there is a special licence activation code. SWREG e-mail usually arrives within a few minute after receipt of your money. If, for any at all, you do not get this e-mail within 24hrs ( "credit cards only"), please verify that it is in your spamming filters or otherwise notify us.

SWREG has been commissioned to process our on-line transaction and order handling. SWREG, Inc. is the oldest web shop in the U.S. and is held by Digital River, a trustable listed U.S. corporation. Order is safe - your payment details are sent directly and securely to the payment processors.

Protect yourself by making sure that no one but you and the automatic cardholder processors can see your cardholder information. To check whether you have been debited or not, select the item "I need a paper receipt" on the order form page of our website and enter your payment number.

Alternatively to paying on-line, you can also submit your order by telephone or telefax when you place your order on-line. You can complete your order by either print out a order forms, add your bank account number and return it by free of charge telefax or call one of the toll-free telephone numbers in 16 different European Union member states.

Superior to a 30-day money-back guaranty, we are offering you a free 30-day evaluation version of the full game. We do not give any reimbursement, so please take full advantage of your probation.

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