How to begin Writing a novel

So how do I start writing a novel?

You sit back, frustrated, and wonder how you can write a book. Sounds like you're doing some great exploratory work right now. And more importantly, I will know exactly what I have to write during my thirty-day period, because my novel will be fully worked out from start to finish. You can' t revise something that doesn't exist. Before you start, I firmly believe in sketching your story completely.

Beginning to write a novel

One can say that to write creatively is to use one's own imaginations and devote them to the right structures and forms. To get a good texture for your idea, you must first know the "rules" of novel composition and have an appreciation of the points to be followed for the story, the creation of scenarios, the creation of personalities and the creation of a fluent novella.

You have several ways to teach these notions or' rules' and how to use them on the books you want to work with. We' ve made it so that you have the shape and texture so that you can dedicate yourself to the work.

We' ve provided you with a range of utilities to help you create your own character and location - the key elements of any winning novel. What makes certain fiction so beloved? Are they following the "rules" you learned with the teaching system? Now the third stage in starting to write a novel is to actually do it.

It can be very difficult to creatively type and study how to compose a novel. First you have to study the fundamentals, then you have to practise..... and practise.... and practise.... and practise. You also have to explore what makes a novel succeed. While we have given hints and advices on these extra information pages, the genuine golden powder is in our softwares programme (available on CD or for download).

It' built on the teaching of the UK's premier college course in Arts and Crafts (University of East Anglia) and uses patterns to give you the texture you would otherwise need years of research. You can learn the fundamentals of all kinds of writing: criminality, enigma, detective, imagination, children, thriller, army, and more.

This will be a disclosure for newcomers.

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