How to become Published

What is the procedure for publication?

They won´t get a published author, unless you write what is sold. Posted by a published author for prospective authors, How to Become a Published Author: After the six-week camp, the campers have a published book in their hands and become authors and illustrators. Where can I be published? Be a published author.

Ten things I wish I had known before I became a published writer.

I have learnt a few things after only a few month as a published writer. Those are the things I wasn't ready for as an writer - and in retrospect I'm not sure if I could have been ready for those things. Nevertheless, this contribution may be useful for an aspiring writer.

Should have had an in depth email/communication policy once the product was released. Perhaps it is in the essence of my memoirs, which focus on the issue of popular culture, but it was almost not possible to keep up with the rush of e-mails I receive from people all over the world.

On this point, my aim is to respond to everyone at least once....because I never wanted to be the writer who was a hermit and imperson. Again it would have been useful for me to have a policy or a set of standards, how many I will be accepting in a given timeframe.

There is a lot of space and effort to get ready for these things, so it wasn't realist to think like I did that I could put the "x" number in a given one. I' ve learnt that I have to consider the preparation times, the travelling times and only my total energetic values, so that every times I show up for a performance I'm in my best state!

l wasn't trained for the Hasser. Not only do they differ on what is right, but they do it in such a blatant hate-filled and irreverent way - most of them are on line and now open to the outside wide. For the moment at least, for every upset, furious individual who post something somewhere, 20 more were there to help my story and my work.

I' ve been able to establish some good-natured, caring relations with someone who was completely unknown just a few month ago. Selling my work is a full-time position. I' ve often been told that my authoring was the "simple" part - but I don't think anyone ever agreed with me at the end of that part.

As a self-published writer, I have to hurry if I want to publish the work. Mainly because the writer who reviewed the script said nothing about me and my personality. I don't think this "reader" could have been able to get through the script, because I was described as a political man, which I clearly am not.

In any case, I turned to two of my writer colleagues because I was so wounded, and they both said: "Never ever reading your critiques. Indeed, I would be totally okay if I would move into a den (preferably one with broadband ), sit in there alone, and write the day and night away.

So right now I'm doing everything I can to get the work that needs to be done to write. Energy-wise, it has burdened me very much to be an writer. It is good to know that I have beautiful individuals in my whole lifetime who support me and realize that there are some times when I just have to part with the rest of the day and charge up.

The most of these evenings are full of alone solitary times with my man and cuddling my cats. I can be the other day that everyone was so used to before my live became known. To write a memorandum is no fun - the power to tell the tale, and the power to tell it over and over again in interview and so on, and then the power to recuperate from all the consumed power is, well..... genuine.

I have learnt a great deal in the three brief month of my work as an writer.

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