How to become good English Writer

Becoming a good English writer

Integrate newly learned information into your writing. Have you learned a new English word today? Becoming a good English writer I' m sorry to say, but you just won't be a good writer (English or any other language). Not like technique, where you take up few classes, do tasks and you are done with it. writing would be gobbledygook.

Eg:- requires about 200 rows of footage in your header to just 50 rows of it.

REVIEW. Reread a great deal, really a great deal. After all, the more you browse, the more you make views, and once you have a considerable amount of contents in your mind, you can at last post some legible things or at least storefront to someone. Beginning of the letter with something small, like an articel or a blog post.

However, you will continue studying side by side, as it not only gives you food for thought, but also improves your language and composition. An author with a stylus is like a lumberjack with an ax, and picking is like sharping the blade of an ax, so you should start writing before you even try.

Also, since you said to be an English writer, then try to think even in English, because our general trend is to think in Hindi (or mother tongue) and then transform it into English while typing, which further worsens our typing.

How to become a good English writer?

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You should have an appetite first. That might seem strange, but we all learnt to read - just as we say we learnt to talk by hearing. Secondly, I would suggest a good work on the subject of literacy. Naturally you should have sufficient grammatical proficiency.

Let us not speak about "what part of grammar", because every part of it is important. Search other tagsed queries or ask your own one.

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