How to become good

Becoming good

Attempt to see the bright side. It is important to make the world a better place every time you leave your home. We all want to be good people deep inside. " We cannot become what we must be, remain what we are." - Max Depree How to become a better person?

Includes 10 hints to help you accomplish everything you want in a lifetime.

And, above all: motivating. Looking back on my sports career, I realized what was different. I had a disciplined day as an athlete and a trainer to which I had to give a brief. Focussing on engagement, not motivating. How dedicated are you to your goals?

When you are fully involved, your motivations are there. Here is how to concentrate on engagement. Concentrating on the thrill of discovering, enhancing, exploring and experimentation will always fuel your drive. Concentrating only on the results will motivate you like the wheather - it will be dead as soon as you meet a wind.

So, the crux of the matter is to concentrate on the trip, not the goal. There' s a good shot the moment you get serious that it carries a lot of emotion and you loose and get snookered. Thought influences emotions and emotions as you see your work.

There are many thoughts in your mind, and you always have a decision on which you should concentrate: those that hold you in emotion (fears, doubts) or those that bring you forward (excitement, experimentation, trying out new things, getting out of your comfortable zone).

When you say I loathe my work, what kind of emotions will those words arouse? Only for three nights, think and say only good things. Motivating means acting and acting produces results. You' ll be able to concentrate on the essentials. Watch yourself to see symptoms of fatigue and take your own moments to relax.

You can relax your spirit and your bodies if you include relaxing and enjoyment in your week's work. Do some meditation, or just take a breath, shut your mouth or concentrate on one thing for five mins. You' re not lacking motivations because you' re idle or have no goals.

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