How to become Author in India

Becoming an author in India?

Write your history, India campaigns One of India's best-selling columnists and screenwriters. One of India's most productive novelists, Tuhin has a strong talent for experimenting with new music. Whereas his first book'That Thing Callled Love' (2006) was an unusual romance,'The Captain' (2008) was a crime thriller exploring the lower abdomen of contemporary cricketing.

Of Love And Politics' (2010) was a real push. The Edge Of Desire" (2012), his 4th and 5th volumes, and his follow-up "The Edge of Power" (2013) can be described as a socio-political mystery story with a powerful female distortion. Tuhin's first non-fiction count is "Daddy" (2014), India's first parent textbook from a father's point of view.

In addition to his books, Tuhin has written the novel "India Aspires" together with former BJP-Proident Nitin Gadkari. It produces some very groundbreaking design concepts and supports the intensified biofuel and photovoltaic generation as a means to enhance the country's countryside as well. He is also the author of several screenplays for a number of TV shows, the most notable of which is "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" on Star Plus, which he has written in 2011-12.

Besides his novels and screenplays, Tuhin is an enthusiastic public figure. He is a frequent contributor to the country's top daily newspapers. Toutin has a blogs on It is also a frequent feature on television stations discussing policy and cricketing. Tuhin currently works as a Reliance Broadcast advisor in addition to two other publications and oversees new program launches for the TV station Big Magic.

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