How to become and Author

Becoming a writer and me?

If we think of creativity, we usually think of light and colour, happiness and freedom. Explore the basics of becoming an author. The writing of books that sell requires writing motivation, an excellent authoring platform and professional book marketing. Many thanks for your interest in Capstone Professional! Extract from How to Become an Author:

1. Select your size

In the beginning you have to select the publishing format: magazine articles or books? Finding the right magazine for your manuscripts. If you are a magazine author, go to the magazine page of your choosing and hand in your paper on-line. Submitting documents electronically significantly cuts editing and review time, and overall publishing time.

If you are a writer, you will find guidance for a trouble-free publishing procedure and can get in contact with an editors in your field. You will be accompanied by our expert staff from manuscripts to publications. From the acceptance of your work to its publishing on the Internet and in printed form, it guides you through the individual phases.

As soon as the first review of your item has been proofed and finalised, the item is online for its first time.

Be an author

Those capabilities and experiences include: substantive understanding of the subject of the audit; basics of methodological methodologies for systemic reviews (including the formulation of the audit issue and suitability criterions, the search and evaluation of the risks of distortion of related studies); fundamental statistics expertise to extracting appropriate information, performing meta-analyses where appropriate, and interpreting and discussing the results; the capacity to prepare a published reference in English; managing and governance within the group ("the contact person").

Authors should be conscious of their limits, willing to accept and reply to proposals from the CRG editors and arbitrators, willing and able to accompany the verification to its conclusion and to make up-dates. In spite of assistance and encourage-ment, the CRG reviews sometimes find it difficult to make adequate headway with the reviews or present drafts that would need too much CRG drafting inputs to achieve reasonable standard.

Under these conditions, the CRG may choose to remove the feedback from the reviewers, raising concern about the reviews team's ability and ability to conclude the feedback. It' important for the authoring crews to understand that the revision can be removed from the editing supply chain throughout the entire revision prep phase (be it the track submission, the minutes or the revision phase) as it is not possible to resolve problems of poor workmanship.

Once you have the feeling that you have the timeframe and ability to make this committment, please click the "Become Author" link below.

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