How to become an Author in Australia

Become an author in Australia?

Become a freelance writer and earn some money while you're at home! Being a professional writer is both a hard and a rewarding career. Authors invent, plan and write novels, stories, plays, poems, articles and other creative works. Did you look at the answers on our website? All over Australia in all major cities!

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Writing good? Use it for cash while you're at home! The Freelance Writing is a great way to get the mind back to work, talking to actual grown-ups and feeling really good about yourself, and the work does just that. Faced with the web a thriving store now, sites are looking for great authors all the while.

Self-employed authors often have to begin by making almost nothing to earn for their work in order to establish a sound image - and sometimes work their way upwards. Respect very tight time limits, which can be difficult at home if you have a ill infant or a discerning infant.... so think before register!

You can join the following website for free and position your services: iWriteris a very user-friendly website to get on your typing career right away. It starts small, but if you get good customer feedbacks, you can raise your rates. Freelance is great because you can do virtually anything on-line - graphics, digital art, digital art, digital art, digital art - everything on-line.

The ideal place to look for work now! Freelancers Job offers `Jobs' - A job can be to write a job description for a start-up company, to write an essay for a paper, to design an spread sheet and so on. There are other ways to get sites or publish with samples of your letter to see if they are willing to give you a try.

Default prices for a website in Australia range from $20/article for an unexperienced novice to $250 for a fully optimized and searched photo articlen. You' re paying $100 for each item you get posted. If we actually post the item, we will charge you between $30 - $150 via Paypal according to your ability, length and topic!

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