How to become an Author

Becoming an author?

Are you dreaming of being published and winning a loyal and dedicated audience? There are several ways to define success. Becoming an author? The field of writing is very diverse with many career paths. Choosing the right publisher is one of the most important decisions an author will make.

Becoming an author?

With so many writers having the opportunity to make their works public themselves, it is considered that converting a textual script into a print work is a straightforward procedure. It begins with the author submitting a specimen of the work he wants to work on. If the author finds it attractive and viable, he is asked to send in a copy of the entire work.

Upon receiving the work, it is returned to the editor so that he can view the text in its fullty. Possible drafting misgivings of the Management Committee are taken into account during the manufacturing processes. In this phase, the executive committee makes two decisions: first, whether a written offer should be made to the author; and if so, what kind of covenant.

The agreements are then sent to the winning writers. After the author has chosen the release and sent back a duly completed agreement, all relevant information is forwarded to the manufacturing division to begin work on the work. In order to guarantee consistency, each author is allocated a specific product co-ordinator within the team.

We' re going to begin with a rough script. Once the work has been checked and verified by our editorial staff, it must be properly formated. In this phase the complexities vary from basic changes, such as the removal of extra blanks, to a particular look of the text through the use of specific typefaces and types.

When there are pictures or photos in the text, appropriate modifications are made to make sure that they are of adequate printability. The purpose of this procedure, which should not be rash, is to detect and rectify objective mistakes, awkward typing mistakes or grammar mistakes. In addition, important drafting proposals are sent back to the author.

As soon as the editing and all changes by the author are completed with his coordinating editor, the work is ready for print. Compared to submissions and productions, there is a much more open approach to email and can be a multitude of ways in which any mix can be used to support a particular work.

Before publishing a work, this begins with an in-house strategic discussion in the company's own planning team. After analyzing not only the novel's uniqueness, but also the characteristics it has in common with works of similar styles, we identified the selling methods that are most likely to work effectively and formulated a complete but adaptable promotion schedule tailored to that work.

Also after the publication of the volume, we keep meeting on a regular basis to review the advancement of the volume, adapt the technologies we use to the sale and explore the latest advertising formats that can provide new and original ideas. Our large blogging and reviewing community, for example, is an important part of the appreciation we receive in the pre and post publication periods.

The proceeds from the sale of books are distributed to the author every six month to enable precise and adequate information to be collected.

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