How to become an Amazon Author

Become an Amazon Author?

As I became an Amazon bestselling author and how you can too How many authors did I dream of many years of composing a text before I actually did it? I began using Intuition in January 2010 to create an audiences for my work. Amazons has its own way of identifying Kindle bestsellers and updating sale stats every single lesson. They' re calling it the Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store a year.

In order to have a best-selling Amazon eBook, your eBook must be among the Top 100 paid Kindle eBooks in its Kindle Shop section. Use these hints to place your eBook in a place where you can easily place it on Amazon. Note whether the top titles in your section all contain the same "keyword" or sentence.

Using the Amazon "type ahead" function (the browser on your website), enter your key word or your keyword and you will see how it suggests "type ahead", i.e. to you. Add this word or key word to your cover and your album will be found more quickly at Amazon. Get your books processed in a professional manner.

There is a higher incidence of typing mistakes, clumsy phrases and grammar mistakes in your work. Amazons seldom question a comeback, so do whatever you can to prevent that. Payment for your work to be correctly sized. The best look for Amazon Kindle textbooks is "Mobi" format. Whilst you can post a Kindle in a Word file, it may not be created correctly, so don't save money when making payments to have your copy in a format.

It'?s his envelope being judged by the public. If you go to Amazon, the first thing that attracts your interest is the artwork. In order to make a good artwork, you should invest some of your free computer resources in searching through the same genres as your work. Choose the 10 or 15 best-selling titles and read their artwork.

You will come up with some great idea for your own work. Select the right categories for your work. The categorization of textbooks allows the reader to find the subjects of interest. You can categorise your eBook when you post it to your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) acco.

In order to help your reader find your textbook, ask yourself: "If I were looking for my textbook, under which category would I search? "Then, please select the category in which you think your textbook could be used. Next, explore the top 10 to 20 titles that sell on Amazon like yours.

Have a look at how they have categorised their products under "Product Information" and how they categorise their catalog. Amazons allows you to select two different catalogues. Three down to the individual classes to make your eBook different from the rest. If you are writing a self-help manual, for example - do not end the section on "self-help".

" So what else is your novel about? In addition to "self-help", include another related subcategory subpath in your eBook and then another one until you have browse through all possible subgenres of your eBook. Uploading your eBook to KDP gives you up to seven key words or words to use in your eBook.

Accomplish your assignments by searching for key words and expressions that could be used by searchers to find your text. You can use the type-ahead function on Amazon to see if any of the key words or words you have in mind appear. Take advantage of those that appear on Amazon, as they are directly related to the local library research.

Amazons gives you up to 3000 words to describe it. You can use as many words as you need to create a convincing text for your text. If you are a well-known author, no one will buy an expensive electronic one. When your product is inferior than 100 leaf, don't praise yourself out of a selling by position it in the berth cost group ($9. 99) for deed a 70 proportion loyalty on Amazon.

Having played around with the price of my textbooks, I found that "less is more" in relation to the sale of them. Giving away or not giving away your volume - that's the issue. Amazons has a programme named Kindle Select. Register your work for 90 workdays.

It is not possible to sell this work on other sites, even your own during the period in which your work is registered. When you register your work with KDP Select, you can "borrow" your work for free from Amazon Prime members. You also have the possibility to choose 5 of the 90 registered nights to give away your books for free.

My second volume was written in KDP and I gave away 464 free prints in two workdays. It also climbed to number 1 in the Kindle Store's free titles, but as soon as it was not available, it quickly dropped off the bestseller lists. Until I gave it away for free, the product sold very well and constantly ranked between 10th and 20th place.

I' m probably not going to give my ledger away for free anymore. When you use your textbook to build leaders for your company and not generate a negative revenue, you are definitely responding. Publish your product to group and ask them to publication it and put please a appraisal on Amazon.

Amazons critiques to sale your work. Advertise your work! Present your textbook in a prominent way on your own blogs. Post articles on the theme of your textbook, where you can present the work. Please add your album to Amazon and add this hyperlink to your articles. Launch a fansite on Facebook and advertise your album there.

When your work is sold - thank the shoppers by twittering on Twitter and post on Facebook. When your best-seller is added to the bestseller lists - announce it on Facebook and tweet about it. Organise a one-on-one online booking where your blog fans can talk to you about the game.

Please make your own contributions to the theme of your textbook and include the name of the textbook in your contribution. Keep your eye out to get advertising for your books. Offering to give the PDF of the work as a gift to a readers who leave the best comments about why they want to study the work and have published the story on people.

Those are the policies I use and they work - and with a little bit of input and scheduling they can also work for your work. Here is your Amazon Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store List! She' s blogging on and is a bestselling author of Amazon.

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