How to become a Romance novel Writer

Becoming a novelist?

Friday feature: Getting $8,000 a month to write novels She' s a writer of novels with a monthly turnover of over 8,000 dollars! I' asked her to tell us her tale. So what's your game? Please let us know what you do in your day-to-day work. It was on the sub-redditdit for financial independence on Reddit and someone post about typing eroticism for extra moneys.

and the eroticism sounds right in my lane (no play on words intended), so I stepped in. Lots of folks on the sub-red for eroticism had made the transition to romantic books for almost ten fold the price, so I thought..... why not? What preparations have you made to take the plunge, both financial and within your company?

It is a tool for creating and editing e-books. So if you're still working full-time, what would make you quit your position? Some people I don't want to abandon. If I achieve my FI (not RE though) target of $1 million (hence the name twitter ) and am making a steady earnings from typing, then I am reconsidering killing.

So who else is working with you? I' ve got a few betat reader who show a pre-view of my work and a good boyfriend who is editing for me. I' m paying for ARC reader (Advance Reader Copies) who are reader who leaves a review to increase the interest in your work. Do you have any financials about your company?

Nowadays I can make 4 characters a months. I' ve now published six new releases and the last one left me alone with ~$6,000 in the first months after the first one. ItĀ also increased sale of older accounts, so overall it's more like $9,000 in this 30 day bout. Every single one of my published works contributes more and more to the turnover per months, which is beautiful.

I want to do 5 numbers per months by the end of the year, which is within reach! My best day: when my first novel was released and wonderfully made it into the top 10 of my Roman sub-category. So I purchased a glass of bubbly to be shared with the only other individual in the whole wide universe who knew about my work.

Some of the writers got this release before I repaired it, but not before they left me bad 1-star feedbacks that are still there. Have you any advices for composing a romantic novel.... or any novel? Press review. The reader takes notice! there' are some behind the ratings you left, so remember if your only comments are:

Anyone out there who deals with a deal needs, or at least will need, a thick layer of it. Which is a little "trick" or suggestion you have learnt to contact or sell people? I have a unique "business", so I say this for other authors: Get in touch with other authors, even if you think they are way out of your class.

It' s something I like when up-and-coming authors shake hands with me and avoid me to be of use. As with any store, it' s all about making your name known. Have a side stress to part with?

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