How to become a Rich Writer

So how do I become a rich writer?

Theres no such thing as a best-selling book, only a best-selling author. You want to get rich fast? Try not to write something. I mean, try not to write anything.

"I' m supposed to be writing my memoir. "It seems that the vision of a script that could be composed is quite general. Mostly when they have dreams, the textbook becomes what everyone describes as a best seller. So I guess it will sell million and make million for the writer who becomes popular, which means going on TV (Richard and Judy or Oprah in the US) and seeing alien journeys and probably the filmstars who will be playing the protagonists from the script in the movies - which means getting wealthier, being on more TV....

The rich and illustrious and writing ledgers are only connected if they are in that order. When you are rich and well known, you can still compose a textbook, although that usually uses the word'write' in a particular way to avoid it. The other way around: make your booking too rich and popular and the statistic will crash.

The majority of authors don't get rich when they write a book. In fact, most authors don't even make a livelihood. However, I suspect the concept is that typing is more'democratic' (in this particular use of the term, to mean'anyone can do it, even me') and that you don't need the austere got-them-or-haven't attribute that someone who wants to be a Hollywood actor needs.

When you are made (though it gets to be a lot less than general-purpose ) then the thought goes, you can type a work. When you have a lifetime, a ghost who thinks, then you can make a work. Today he would have followed a course of creativity, this wonderful money-spinner for university students with wallets.

It has always been the case that folks find a way to profit from daydreaming. One can take a story to a course in creativity, but one cannot make it a beautiful novel. There are those who want to be a writer, not because they want to be rich and popular, but because they know they should be.

It' almost always the way they do it. They sometimes get attached to the worry that they can't be the kind of writer they want to be. It is frightening to think that you are not good enough as a writer. One finds out how to type, how to find out, what to type, what to type, not by going to a cup of coffee in order to be informed on which side should be the first "stimulating incident".

I' m not assuming that those who want to make a best-seller really want to spend every single working life in a room every Thursday to make up things that aren't already there to be reimbursed by going to the same parties with the same souls. Actually the task of typing is for those who, like me, are social malfunctions.

I have no wish to do anything of what they seem to do when they are very rich (apart of course from not having to care about cash - although I guess the very rich have more to care about cash than I do).

There' much better ways to get rich. To be a celeb is good - to be celebred. Folks are knocking, but if you're social and don't have any other plan, it's probably a great way to get rich. There are disadvantages to having sex with celebrities, I think, but it must be better than just sit in a room and write a script if you're not spirited.

Rape and commerce obviously have the benefit of working together for a lonely typing career, and although in both cases you could end up in jail, it is much less insulated (here I don't suppose it's a rape or a deal by force) than getting 90,000 words on hardcopy in the right order.

Take it in your hand, folks, writing your own books, at weekends, after work, before work, on holiday or on a miserable part-time basis, or choosing the right way to become rich and well known. Nobody's really gonna be teaching you how to be a writer.

They need a stack of textbooks (not "how to be a writer", but rather textbooks that authors have written), some piece of hard copy and a stylus or a text-editor. Some of the more costly of the more imaginative classes are really not meant to help you learn how to type, but to acquaint you with editors and editors to get you into those party nights that you don't have to go to if all goes well.

When you have the cash and are considering taking a course in creativity, ask yourself if you really are a writer, and if the response is not a fierce and downright "yes", then safe the cash, go to the store or have sex with a football player, and when you get rich, found a publisher that is only interested in that.

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