How to become a Rich Author

Becoming a rich author

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Difference between rich and impoverished writers

There is a true distinction between what rich writers do and what impoverished writers do, and the distinction has nothing to do with their literacy. If you' ve been reading a badly spelled textbook, how often have you asked yourself why it was a bestseller just to get a really well spelled textbook that was languishing in stereotypes.

It' not the font, it' s not the kind of covers, it' not the truthfulness of the author or the precision of the information. It all has to do with the author. There' no such thing as a bestseller album. There' s only one bestselling author. It' s the author who makes the work a bestseller and only through the author is it going to see the best sellers lists or give the author the kind of wealth that makes him dream and writecareer.

There are some textbooks that are very successful without the author making much of ado. However, this is only because someone else, directly or implicitly, is doing the work for the bestselling author. As an author, you must advertise your text inexorably. You need to get on those conversation radios shows, those TV channels, speak to the columnist, the media people, the reviews of your work and make them conscious of what your work is and, more significantly, what it can mean to those who do it.

You also know that it is much simpler to advertise a work that is already on the advance. When you do it yourself, it's all on your shoulder (but that's the way you should go about it, no matter how you do it. Be a blunt supporter of your work. Keep in mind that your work is important.

Not for you, but for the ten thousand (or more) individuals out there who could profit from the information, inspiration, fun and sheer joy your textbook contains. When you have been paid an upfront payment by the publishing house, consider to spend part of it on your own advertising (even if your work is not actually published).

I' ve heard so often from writers who tell me they're on tour'whipping' their work. So if you really felt that way, why did you even start writing the script? Don't they want as many as possible to be enhanced by the contents of their text?

That'?s the distinction between rich and impoverished writers. There is no bestseller textbook, just a bestselling author.

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