How to become a Poet Writer

Becoming a Poet Writer?

Making 5 an hour writing poetry "It is our quest to create haikus for everyone around the world," says Lisa Markuson, who is a member of the lyricists' trï¿? group, The Hai Ku Guys. That may seem a little too much ambition, but considering how often Markuson and her co-founders, Erick Szentmiklosy and Daniel Zaltsman, are recruited to poem at meetings, this may not be too far-fetched.

Last year they were reserved for fund-raising gala shows, winestore opening ceremonies, independent movie evenings, marriages and innumerable other occasions. Every week-end - and most weekends - a member of the group sits in nine rows behind a typing machine in front of a plaque that says "Free Haiku" and entertains the visitors with poetry that is meticulously adapted to their moods or interests.

Visitors can order a poem about anything their hearts desire - Marshmallow, snows, a scrooge - and they will create a 5-7-5-syllable poem on a lovely little note card that would look beautiful on a refrigerator or desktop. It was by chance that the concept of a poetic pen shop came into being. Between Szentmiklosy and Zaltsman in June 2013, they played with the notion of doing a serial of interviews on entrepeneurship.

Having a poetical vein, the two boys thought they could gimick the man with haikus to include them. They didn't know they had actually ended up with their own ideas. They were asked to send a letter to the Yogic Forum within a whole month.

And when they visited the show, they encountered Marcuson, a performer who used typing and poetic in all their plays. "MARKARKON remembers, it was astonishing how a monarch meets another one. Humans respond extremely when we are writing them verses. It is a very fragile time from which humans seem to get a great deal of cathartic.

Haiku Guys, who charge between $200 and $250 per lesson, are able to earn serious cash by posting poetry at shows, especially since they sometimes participate up to six per weeks. Marcuson and Zaltsman work for various startup companies, Szentmiklosy is a management consultancy. "All of us have a job that is really close to our hearts and very important to us, so we don't plan to become a full-time poet soon," says Markuson.

However, their poems shop is expanding and they have recently hired other writers to house all the activities they will be attending. Nowadays only one of the Founder works with other writers to maintain the fast tempo of the verses. It is really thrilling for Markuson to be able to afford to buy poems for her work.

Nowadays, poesy doesn't really work; writers don't get much progress in books and poetic journals don't earn much for it. With The Haiku Guys on their side, some writers can now earn a living by doing what they like.

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