How to become a Nurse Writer

Becoming a nurse?

At the moment we are looking for freelance nurses. Who wouldn't just be a writer who happens to be a nurse? Find out how you can become a freelance nurse in just one month! For our highly respected nursing page, write about nursing professions, specialisations, training, topics, jobs.

Be a nurse in 30 jours.

You' re a sister who's always dreamt of being a novelist? There has never been a better period for a nursing student to become a free-lance author. I' ll tell you everything you need to know in the next 30 shortest possible hours. I' m Beth, and I' m an independent and successfull author.

I' d like to pass on my know-how to help you make the transition from nursing to author. Yes, it is really possible to live as a free author. Indeed, as a novelist, I make more money than ever as a registered Nurse. Composing is a careers and a job, and you need to work on it to be succeed.

If I say "freelance writer", I am referring to a working author who produces a wide range of material for a number of people. I' m not talkin' about writers or writers. When you dream of writing the next Great American Novel, my blogs probably won't help you. On the other side, if you want to exchange your steposcope for a notebook and your loud hospital surroundings for a cosy home studio, I'm here to help you.

So why on Earth should I share my "secrets of success" with anyone who is reading this blogs? Firstly, I know all too well what a grinding nurse can be if you have a certain old age or a certain point in your orphanage. I want to help my sisters make the move to a profitable new writing profession.

On the other hand, the other good news I don't care to share my advice is the need for good healthcare and medicinal writers far exceeds the supplies. I' m not losing anything if I help other nursing students to become a writer, I blog every June as part of the WordCount blogs. Apropos last point, please write your freelancer question in the commentaries or e-mail it to me.

I' ll write at least one article that will answer all your queries - and you stay anonimous. In order to make sure you don't miss a blogs entry, you should sign in by following the links. Every monthly I will get more information about how to be a nurses author, get rebates on webinars and much more!

So, get yourself prepared to get to know this great second nurse career: freelancing.

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