How to become a Novelist in India

Becoming a novelist in India?

Mystery of a best-seller in India It is India on the way to becoming the world's most profitable bookseller, but it is no longer the British writers whose work is off the bookshelves. India has been a boom seller of British literature. After the USA and Great Britain, it will become the largest in the rest of the globe, as India's upper classes continue to grow at a rapid pace over the next 10 years.

A number of smart publishing houses in India are already making huge profits from supporting young local talents. The demographics of India are very different from those of the United States or the United Kingdom, with more than a third of its people under 30 years of age.

English has become the lingua franca of the new upper classes with increasing alphabetization and a highly contested educational and working milieu. The sale of these young, city Indians with more available incomes than ever before are eager for textbooks that will help them evolve their English and be successful on the campus and in the globalized practices of CIA.

So, what do the Indians read? This is Jeffrey Archer, the most accomplished writer in India. Now he is bringing his works to market in India and his signature sessions are a big draw. "It is an up-and-coming breed of India, and my textbooks are so often about someone being out of nowhere and doing something that every Indians thinks they can do - and that's a wonder.

" India accounting records, self-help accounts and Indian writing about India are doing well. However, the greatest increase was in the field of fictitious commerce, headed by a banking professional who became the writer Chetan Bhagat, whose works have become a publisher's phenomena. This became a giant best-seller that opened up a previously unexplored bulk audience for young people.

All of his following works were also fantastic successes and made him a national name. India sees a great deal of changes in its economy and changing attitudes, and each of my five histories has become associated with the young public in a way that other literature does not.

" He is often criticized for going down, but it is the availability of his own tongue that draws people for whom it is their second or even third tongue and who may never have purchased an Anglophone before. Whereas the writers of India such as Salman Rushdie and Arundhati Roy have gained great recognition internationally, their styles of fictional literature are largely unavailable to the vast majority in India.

Nowadays there are many hundred writers in India who try to imitate Bhagat's popularity by using a simple and humorous way of working with their fingers on the heartbeat of contemporary metropolitan India. A native of India, Jaishree Misra spent more than 20 years in the UK, where her first novel Ancient Promises was made.

Now she has changed over to advertising film and lives in Delhi again. Harper Collins in the UK ordered a three-book transaction for a chic-lit franchise that starts with Secrets and Lies, but has actually gained more readership in India. Its storylines are decorated with Hindi figures, glamourous international settings and the Prosa with luxurious designations.

It was more than willing to adjust its styling for Hindiers. "I' m trying to keep my speech a little easier now than before. Like in the fictional business environment, you have writers on your back and say, "Don't use big words. I don't want to loose these folks who buy a hundred thousand copies.

" What else does it take to create an India best seller? "Be in constant contact with your targeted markets in order to talk to the readers in the languages in which they wish to be addressed. "Now we have three generation of English-speaking Indians, and that will keep growing.

Obviously, with each new breed we create a larger market."

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