How to become a novel Editor

Become a new editor?

A further important aspect of the work of a book editor is the cultivation of relationships with the authors. The majority have a Bachelor's degree, mostly in English, journalism or related fields. As a rule, book editors work their way up in the publishing industry and often start as editorial assistants. You need good grammar and language skills and the ability to work with others. An editor is an editor who works for a book publisher.

What kind of income do book writers earn?

There is a great difference in the amount of monies that a journalist earns. The latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show that the top 10 per cent of editorial staff make more than $98,430 per year - an annual rate of $47.32 per hours. At the lower end of the salary scales, journalists receive less than 29,400 dollars per year, an average of 14.14 dollars per working day.

According to the latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic figures, editorial staff generally earnt an hourly salary of $60,490 or $29.08 per year. Most of the writers work for books and magazines publishing houses and make an avarage of $60,120 per year or $28.91 per hour, but the best paying publishing houses work for computer and computer peripherals vendors, where they make an avarage of $91,710 per year or $44.09 per hour. What do they do?

The editor selects the work on the basis of its attractiveness to the readership and then monitors the entire publishing and sales cycle from a rough copy to a final work. In addition, the editorial staff create a product plan and examine for misspellings and grammatical mistakes, punctuation and general legibility. You can propose changes to improve legibility, clearness or precision and serve as a fact-checker to verify the correctness of non-fiction literature.

For most of the authors, a Bachelor's degreeĀ inthe fields of media studies (journalism, communication or English) is a prerequisite. Knowing a particular topic is indispensable for writers working in the non-fiction area. Former activities for a publishing house as an editor or publishing wizard bring invaluable experiences for a prospective editor. Powerful communication capabilities are indispensable to make sure that the final work is coherent and convincing.

With the advent of on-line publications and print-on-demand self-publishing, the employment opportunities for publishers are becoming increasingly complex. BLS notes that the printing of on-line publications has cut the number of editorial orders in magazines and papers, but forecasts an increase in the number of editorial orders in connection with on-line publications. Overall, the BLS assumes that the career prospects for journalists will stay steady until 2020.

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