How to become a Kindle Author

Become a Kindle Author?

Or when your book grows up, try to think about how you can split it into a series. He' the author of Wrecked and his upcoming memoir, The In-Between. It can be a time-critical offer or an ongoing opportunity. Best-selling author, relentless audiophile and daydreamer.

Becoming a bestselling author on Amazon Kindle

Have a look at this short movie to get to know my system for the introduction of a very succesful KDP Select Free Promotions. I will tell you my free promotional start phrase, which has always generated at least 638 free updates in 5 working nights (and up to 22,257 for my non-fiction books), if you have never done a free KDP Ph.

Making a KDP choose a free promotional campaign? It can be very difficult for new, self-published writers without a plattform or market expertise to "penetrate" the publisher's market and distribute a significant number of work. You can get several hundred, thousand and even ten thousand copies of your product from your users by making your purchase free for up to 5 working day.

If you see tens of thousand of people download and study your text (even if it was free), it gives you the trust to know that you have made something precious and rewarding. You' ve got tens of thousand of people who have taken the trouble to collect your text and study it! To many first writers (myself among them when I started), this early achievement is critical when it comes to building your trust so that you can continue to write and promote your textbooks no matter it.

Reader! With 10,000 updates, that means you have 10,000 new subscribers! You know your name and, if your textbook is good, they see you as an authority on your subject. Not everyone who is downloading the free copy will of course do so. A good number will be reading your text.

When you have 10,000 free copies, I assure you that you will have at least 100 people who will like your work and are ready to buy more of your work. Every faithful, enthusiastic readership you get will help you create the basis for life-long succes and economic liberty as an author.

I can assure you that if your copy has never been distributed before your KDP Select Promotions, it will be distributed after your free promotions. Amazons has special leaderboards for paying accounts than for free accounts. By choosing your categorys as well as we discussed before and following the market system you will soon see, you are sure to be the No. 1 bestseller in your free categorie (often my volume will be the only free volume in my category).

That will get your eBook a great deal of interest from your browser and result in new payed purchases when the free promotional campaign for your eBook ends. That may be the main advantage of a free promotional campaign for new writers - your reader will tell you how to do that!

I' ve been receiving comments, e-mails and Facebook news from my readership and my boyfriends who have been reading my story and telling me about a spelling mistake I could fix, or a problem that wasn't clearly addressed in the game. And all this feed-back will help me to make my work better - and it will help you too!

A Kindle notebook lets you work on your work, resubmit it in 2 minute and anyone who purchases your work will receive the new, updated edition within 24h. So, don't worry if you have a spelling mistake in your textbook - just release it and you can fix it later!

The perfectionist approach has destroyed the career of many would-be best-selling writers. Simply make sure you react to your feedbacks and enhance your books if you can. It is now the right moment to start learning the Free Booktrading Marketing System. With the KDP Select programme you can register your eBook for up to 5 consecutive free of charge at Amazon Kindle.

You could, for example, perform a 5-day action in a sequence or a 2-day and 3-day action, or 5 1-day actions, etc.... You get the point! This gives you more free 5-day promotional opportunities to get more updates and get into the Top 100 free titles, but some writers still choose to do 2-day or 3-day promotional opportunities.

When you choose the easier 5-day promotional itinerary, you want to launch your promotional campaign on a Saturday and run until Wednesday. Then most of the Kindle products are bought! Here are the ranks for most of Amazon daily purchases (the percentage is the percentage of overall turnover for the week), according to a Digital Booktoday study:

The 2-day offer starts on Sunday and ends on Monday. The 3-day offer starts on Sunday and ends on Tuesday. All right, you're all set to publish your work! As a first stage, you should plan your free promotional appointments at least 3-4 week in advance. First, you need to create and plan up to three news items about the publication and promotional activities of your work.

At The Society we are talking about creating news stories that "build on each other", that is, they begin to tell a tale, and the tale gets better and better in every one. They can get a good elementary, Internet-only news item for $25 from Webwire. If you have a small household, you can use Prlog. org for a free news item (with restricted distribution).

They can get premier news items from other websites for a few hundred bucks or so for even more exposition. This third news item is intended to provide a particular "bonus" or an occasion to find out more. Do a Google+ hangout, web seminar, tele seminar or Q&A meeting with your audience - whatever you want.

It' just one way to add value to your books purchasers and get more in touch with your readership. Aside from getting this stunning work that will make using the information in the work that much simpler (tell your story), but you will also get it for free AND you will get this really cold bounty (insert your bounty offer).

" Belletristic writers may need to be creatively involved with the bonuses. You can, for example, make a high-quality character based gallery of your books available to your audience during your promotional period. When you don't know how to spell a news item, just look up and copy it.

If so, you know that the size of your news item is considered to be a profession. Just open it and make sure it will sound the way you want it to. These are some samples of my own publications: Were you aware that there are literally 100 websites where you can post your free Kindle Magazine promotion, give you FREE advertising and advertise your product to enthusiastic Kindle readership?

It is important to schedule your free promotional campaigns in advance. Requires more than 7 preannouncement to publish this website listing. Best 2 websites (usually you get 100-1000's of payed purchases, more for free downloads): Simply click on the link on the above pages and give them the information they need to publish your work and advertise it for you.

Usually you need the name of the product, the Amazon Sales Identification Number (ASIN), a short introduction, a categorie and a few other articles. It' quite easy and should take less than 30 min to get a full listing of a single work. Be sure to include your work on all these pages at least 1 weeks in advance so they have enough free space to publish it for you.

Tweeters is a great way to promote your product during your free promotional period and it's 100% free! Forward a tweet to them the next free days and let them know! They are all great groups who join forces on Facebook to link up with other writers, exchange branding inspiration, ask quizzes and establish connections.

If you are a serious author, I suggest you join these groups! Don't publish your free work in these groups, use them to connect, study, and engage with other people. Start by uploading the picture of the covers of your album to your Facebook account and/or your fansite. If so, please write it with a short explanation of your text, it's free now and anyone can get it and give them the links.

Here is the text I used to advertise this text in the image description: Note that in the descriptive text, I let it be known that they DO NOT need a Kindle to get a Kindle reading (which is a big misunderstanding in the industry, and since only 10% of folks own Kindles, 90% of folks won't buy it if you don't tell them they can get it without Kindle).

I' m also giving folks the free Kindle Readers Bundle to make it easy for them to buy and use it. Now Facebook has an opt-in that lets you advertise for both fansites and your own profile. If you click on "Apply" below the article, you are paying Facebook to show your contribution to more peo.

And if you have a great artwork, this advertised contribution is likely to be virus-free and will result in literally a few hundred if not thousand new copies for just a few of the $100. The" Apply" icon should be located directly below your screen or state updating contribution between the "Comment" and "Share" icons. You can advertise your product during the free promotional periods in order to maximise your downloaded, new reader and Kindle Shop-rankings.

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