How to become a Freelance Writer without a Degree

Becoming a freelance writer without a degree?

They do not need a journalism degree to be a successful freelance writer. To be a free-lance author, do you have to have a journalistic diploma? The only way to be successfull in this and other professional business is for a large number of folks still think going back to college and getting more training (and more student-lends). So, if you were wondering: "Do I need a diploma in science of writing to become a succesful free-lance writer", Cole Nemeth will clarify that for you once and for all today!

About three years ago, I sent my resume to university. I always liked to write, especially non-fiction, so I chose to go to colleges and go to university as a journalist. The decision to go to "j-school" or graduate in magazine publishing was strongly marked by my dreams of becoming a novelist and not by a passion for the new.

I had no clue what kind of author I wanted to be then, but I used to love working from home according to my own timetable and my own age. Thought at least when I had a collegiate degree, I could always get a position where I write for someone else to work with.

Obviously it didn't work and I've been doing my own research since my first year of college. However much I profited from my schooling, it was not necessary at all to receive a post-secondary training in order to become a succesful free author. I only had two years of programming with a heavy emphasis on newscasting.

We had to study a wide variety of subjects around the subject of paper. As soon as possible I began to write self-employed. We had a blogs posting in which the authors were asked to join their teams for six month, and it was pay!

When my six-month job ended, however, I was at a complete loss as to how to keep working as a freelancer. I was taught many abilities in my studies in my studies to work for someone else, but I never learnt to work for myself. We had to work on a pitches for my magazineschreibkurs, but otherwise the freelancer business was a puzzle to me.

We were also trained how to spell for a wide range of books, but not even how to select a particular area. Choosing a handwriting corner was one of the most challenging things for me - someone who knows a little about a few things - and yet it was one of the most useful learner for my writing career.

Are you unsure which niche you can specialise in as a free author? Though I' ve already had two payed freelances, it was only after Gina's course, 30 or less nights until my success in free lance wrt. that I began with self-confidence and landed even more of them.

I' m now regularly posting for a large number of sites. But I can't say it didn't have its advantages. I had to type every single pen. After meeting many really nice guys, learning new abilities and starting to network as a novelist. It was through one of my teachers that I got my second free-lance appearance, an appearance I couldn't make without my ability as a newscaster.

However, the reality is that you don't need post-secondary training to be a free author. One just has to be good at typing, a ability that one can acquire all by oneself and above all through everyday use. You need a qualification or at least a Diplom for many positions and career.

If you want to work for a paper, for example, you need to know the law and ethic surrounding the world of media, the lifestyle guidebook for your place of residence (for me it is the Canadian Press Styling Guide) and how to research and conduct interviews - everything you get at j-school. However, if you just want to be a writer - be it a literature or non-fiction book - you don't need any official training or a journalistic diploma.

You don't need any training if you want to work as a free-lance author for blogging or even writing journals. I may or may not be employed, but I have my doubts that my training has a tonne of workload. It' s through my diary and the videos I submit that show what I am able to do - my abilities and my work.

Indeed, every individual free-lance vacancy I have seen has never indicated that you need post-secondary schooling. He/she should not let the shortage of a journalistic grade be the thing that keeps you back from getting started in as a free-lance writer. What do you want to do? Sometimes in retrospect, I wish I had been studying something else - perhaps fine arts or economics - something that would have help me find a desk to work in.

Usually I am talking about my own experience, and you don't really have to go to college to do that! Have you completed post-secondary schooling? What good is it for your free-lance work? is a free-lance author who likes to draw stupid profiles and make stupid drawings. On her website Peace and Chaos you can find out more about her, where she talks about self-improvement, creativeness and enterprise.

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