How to become a Feature Writer

Become a Feature Writer?

Her piece must have the most important element in every story: It' gotta be a story. You can always find feature writing, blogging and product descriptions online. Several keys are available to become a successful Feature Writer.

Questions and answers live: Becoming a free-lance writer | Guardian Careers

Ah, the free journalist's world. Now, this is just about the working days derisively depicted by freelancing lyricist Mary Beth Ellis for the switch-flogs. In a recent question and answer, Matilda Egere-Cooper explains how she can use her alchemy - urbane art - to write texts for the media and write bios for performers when it is difficult to write an article.

And, of course, our recent journalistic questions and answers have shown how important it is to advertise well - the journalists also want clear, powerful messages - to keep the work going, especially if you don't have the luxuries of getting orders regularly. So if you are interested in becoming a freelancer and want to know more about how you can do it yourself, we put together a committee of professionals on 24 March to advise you on a real-life issue.

A free-lance reporter - he wrote on economics, work, literacy, finance and healthcare - and writer of The Complete Career Makeover. He is a free-lance reporter, writer and coach. Headquartered in the UK, he operates his own shop and produces magazine for small member organizations as well as messages and feature for the web and printed media.

Anand Ash is a free-lance reporter who specializes in lifelike storytelling. As a writer for domestic women's journals and papers in the UK and, more recently, Australia, where she currently lives. Frances Roper received her degree from Durham University in 2006 and a post graduate degree in journalism from Cardiff University in 2007.

She is currently a free-lance writer and writer. She is the author of Woman's Own, a 291,700-page journal with a total of 937,000 readers. She is responsible for the implementation and processing of realistic live and lifestyle characteristics. she' s a 20 year veteran reporter. She has been working in the fields of PR and PR for more than 20 years and now works for the home in France. She delivers contract stories to professional journals and continues to deserve a lively professional journal for her work.

Varela is a writer of plays, theater, radios and films. He co-tutored the Arvon Foundation's first course in'Writing for Games' in September. Simone Castello is a free-lance writer and writer. In 1997 she began her professional careers as a free-lance editor for BBC Worldwide, IPC, Bauer, Haymarket and Emap.

Simone chose to work from home in 2008 and moved to digitally authoring on-line publishing and a digitally based advertising company. She' s still typing the uneven printing function for consumers' journals and newsletter, but most of her texts are out now. He has been a reporter and NUJ member since 1970 - more than 30 years of which as a freelance work.

He has also taught journaling, among them two one-day classes at Getting Start As A Freelance and Pitch & Deal - he also assisted in organising the London Freelance Branch conference, New Ways To Make Journism Pay (January 2010). And, unlike many other newsgroups, we have not set up a payment wall - we want to keep our journalists as open as possible.

We do not have any preconceptions of commercialism and are not affected by billionaires, policy makers or stockholders.

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