How to become a Famous Author

Becoming a famous author?

Wealthy and famous and writing books are only connected if they are in that order. Would you like to become a famous writer? Now and then I come across an essay about finding out our aims as a writer. If we know more about the sector and are growing as writers, our objectives may be changing, so it is wise to reconsider the issue from time to time. Is the road we are on going to that?

When our aim is to see our books on a shelf, we need different criterions for the issue "Is this a good publisher" than if our top quality processing is our top priorities. When our aim is to quickly create a backup list, we can research whether certain release methods would cause us to become too much weaker.

Recently I have questioned my own aims and ways because the publisher business is rapidly evolving. Consequently, I am trying to turn my mind upside down and begin again on the basis of this new publisher's work. If we challenge everything, the situation may not look like we thought it would. When I first began a typing carreer in 2008, there was only one way (self-publishing was something that "real" writers didn't do).

But, just as the Oprah show is no longer the same, the publisher sector is a veil of itself. In the past, nobody dreamt of becoming a mid-list writer because most of them were fortunate enough to earn enough cash to cover a few bill. With the changes in the business, more writers than ever before are earning enough cash, even as mid-lists.

These different ways mean that we have to choose what we do. There is a big gulf between the aims of "wanting to contact someone with our writing" and "being famous". "Both objectives are justified, but the way that leads to one objective is different from the way to other objectives.

We must therefore know our objective and find the way that will lead us there. It can, however, be hard to define such particular objectives and approaches. And I know I don't want to be a celebrity. As I pointed out that in my case there was no connection between ethics concern and envy because I had no wish to become known, they thought I had to lie.

I' m far too personal to be known. It would be a bad dream for me to be known. Is your way going to work? I was struck by the fact that I saw an essay about how some Sookie Stackhouse book lovers respond to Charlaine Harris's proclamation to end the show (the foundation of the Tru Blog TV show).

As, perhaps, the standard fantasy that was true for practically every writer - the bestseller, Oprah interview - has never used me. I wondered if I was on the right track for my objectives.

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