How to become a Famous Author

Becoming a famous author?

Don't call the store and ask for your own book. Do not treat the bookseller as a personal servant. Feed the audience plenty. Well, if you want to be a famous author, you should be a good writer first..

... How do you become a good writer? That may be a shock, but brilliant writing and clever puns do not make a published author.

Becoming a famous writer

Whilst not every author out there has the ambition to achieve huge success and fame, for most of us, let's face it, we would hardly say no if a huge contract fell into our laps. It is not always so simple to become a renowned author and there is no guarantee that all your painstaking work will work out.

You sure you want to be a great novelist? Conduct a little research to find out what a renowned writer's real name is like and what it needs to get there - maybe it's not what you want after all! It can also be used to take down your thoughts and suggestions for your text.

You keep it with you at all hours and sign it in every single working hour. One of the best things a novelist can do is read. Consume as many ledgers as you have to. They' gonna help you make sure you are learning what you like.

When you know what kind of book you like to study, you know what kind of book you like to work with. They all have something in common. They have written. Writing is the easy reality. To be a really good author, you have to put the time in.

Each author needs unbiased and constructivist critique to get better. Be always open to new things - even if you become a celebrity! To follow in this modern company with a good corporate image, one who is committed and interested in what you have to say can be a huge step up when it comes to trying to yours your work.

Denial is sucking, but if every writer gave up after their first denial, there would hardly be any ledgers out there. Well, you may have to finish 5, 10, 15 ledgers before you're noticable. The most likely way to become popular is to keep trying! But these are all challenges that every novelist has to take on if he wants to give himself the best opportunity to become a renowned novelist - do you have what it takes? No.

I' m Bethany Cadman, author of Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers.

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