How to become a Comedy Writer

Becoming a comedy author?

It will always be an element of competitiveness. Learn how to become a comedy writer. New York's top comedy writers say how to launch and support a career in comedy

Five of the city's best comedy authors performed on Tuesday at the New York Comedy Festival at the Little Triad Theater on the top western side. AIan Zweibel ("SNL", "It's Garry Handling's Show", "Curb Your Enthusiasm") hosted the panels, which featured Andy Breckman ("SNL", "Monk"), Michelle Wolf ("Late Nights with Seth Meyers"), Matt Roberts ("Late Show with David Letterman") and the author of scripts, essays, fiction and theatre pieces Delia Ephron.

Participants included a varied group of talented comedians working in various ways, ranging from crafting, composing, producing and designing TV programmes to movies and fiction. However, everyone was very interested in sharing their counsel on how to enter the comedy and how to maintain a careers in an ever-changing business when you get there.

When they told their tales about how they got into the comedy, all panellists had one thing in common: their career was boosted by a more or less random occasion. Twenty-three years after his traineeship at "Late Show With David Letterman" Matt Roberts became a professional producers and gradually worked his way up:

While still at university, Roberts was part of a board that put a show on college campuses with regular Letterman customers bringing penn and plates, and after making a good impression and having a plate dinner, he persuaded the wizard to send him a testimonial that earned him the job.

"Seth Meyers" employee Michelle Wolf worked in the financial and technology industry while doing stand-up comedy in town, but in the end it was her Twitter food that got her the jobs. She was the subject of a worker's interest in her own personal message, asking her to create a package (a long evening comedy copy of a script with drafts, monologues and desktop pieces).

In a ten-minute interviewer, Wolf was sure she had messed it up because, as a former technical recruitment agency, she was used to a winning interviewer that took most of the work. "She recalled a period when she was desperate to get the New York Times, "And I thought I was a kid-eater.

Breckman's chance came when his boss handed in his denied "Saturday Night Live" package to "Late Show With David Letterman" without even mentioning it to him. While he was working at a videotheque when the telephone was ringing, he heard that his boss had given him a unique chance to see Letterman while he was in New York looking for authors.

and he' re writing his Letterman package in one goddamn town. "It took my woman to awake and tap it," he said, recalling a pre-computer era when tapping was not a multi-purpose ability, "it was four o'clock in the mornings, but I turned all the watches in the flat at 6:30 to say she wasn't angry with me.

" Then Breckman rushed back into town to ship the package that gave him his big breakthrough. If you' re joking, think about who you're posting it for. Monday I would make a soliloquy like Jack Benny would say about purchasing a vehicle. Tuesday it would be Richard Pryor as he would say it, Wednesday Joan Rivers, Thursday David Steinberg, Friday Rodney Dangerfield.

" In this way, Zweibel trained himself to compose screenplays to ensure that his personalities would not ring the same. There is no simple solution to writer's death-blockade. "What can you do to heal writer's death? You' re going to be a writer. "If there is enough rigour, these regulations will become a habitual practice. It was difficult for Zweibel to switch from the vivid writers' room of the "NL" to a more lonely letter.

From then on, when you go over to typing yourself, you have to somehow balance this kind of work. Whilst you need to have the skill to type for other peoples, it is important that you are able to differentiate yourself from the masses with your own singular outlook and voices.

"We' re beginning to write for a part we really like," said Zweibel, remembering how he and other folks who appeared in the comedy at the same moment as Woody Allen did when they started. Alan Zweibel was discussing three recent media related pojects during the panel: a theatre piece, a novel and a theatrical.

He was able to use all these caps, which gave him the opportunity to pursue his carreer as a comedy writer long after he left the NL. "In fact, everyone at the desk was in a way a multi-syllabic, who expanded his comedy skills with stand-up, song writing, fiction, theatre and more. It is this capability to play different "comedy muscles" that gives them the capability to be multifaceted and not to be punched into just one part.

It also allows authors to use the onion technology described above, which rotates between different designs as a remedy for writer's blocks. Michelle Wolf could make a hundred quips for the soliloquy in "Late Nights With Seth Meyers" and have only two of them do the editing. Don't sit around and sit around until you begin to type.

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