How to become a Children's Book Writer

Becoming a children's book author?

This is Nick Schön, illustrator of children's books. You will never become a published children's book author without the support of other authors. So we threw one ourselves and founded the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. If you want to write a children's book just for your family or become a professional children's book author, I can help you to make your work as good as possible. Professional Children's Writing Course shows you how to become a better writer, how to write for the different children's book genres and age groups.

Learned Classes

It is not only brandnew authors who find value in a course at the Aussie Writers' Center. One of Australia's most prestigious editors and columns, Elizabeth Farrelly wanted to get out of her familiar elements and discover a new one. This is where the strength of education in the 21 st cent. was central.

She is a registered student of the five-week course entitled Elizabeth Women's World. "I decided to take the course on-line - it fit my unforeseen days," she says. "I thought it would be simple and fast to write for kids - a few month and I would have made it," she confesses.

She was gone and wrote. Every on-line course at the Aussie Writers' Centre has its own instructor who presents the course and provides important input on hands-on work. Elisabeth's instructor was Judith Ridge - an international renowned specialist in the field, who has worked for more than 20 years as an author, lecturer, editor and critisot.

I liked the trial as if I was composing some kind of fairytale. Indeed, they were ideal growth environments for the first beginnings of her forthcoming book Caro Was Here. Elizabeth says that "the seed of history" comes from this brief on-line-course. As Elizabeth first thought that typing for kids would be simple and fast, it took about five month to design, work more and two more years before the worlds would see it.

And only after her girlfriend - who happens to be a former children's book spy - invited her to follow Walker Books with her narrative. Even then, it took a while. With Caro Was Here she has laid her "flag" in this new category - the weak adventure of a 12-year-old girl around Sydney - the situation is a little more clear for Elizabeth.

She" torments herself" (as she puts it) often with dreaming of fulltime writeings of fictions (as against just "writing" full-time!), because it really is her ardor.

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