How to become a Children's Author

Becoming a children's author?

Her question is not detailed enough. You are an experienced illustrator? You have a portfolio? You a complete beginner? When children learn to write, they change.

A. L. Kennedy

I have been a writer for grown-ups for about 30 years and now I also write for them. Nevertheless, this includes a longstanding, entrenched personality, monsters (literally) tins of egotism and an awareness that almost anyone of almost any ages could end up reading. However, to write for no one but kids and the liberal and liberal ones who may end up telling them stories - that's goodbye.

First reason would be loving. Of course, this is a big gamble if the romance of the romance you work with. I invented rubbish for them when I was supposed to read them to go to bed, and then I went on to write made-to-measure rubbish for them - that's what authors do for those who like them, producing made-to-measure rubbish that will make them smile.

And if the children were bombarded, I would go up in a darkness and decide to do better next to them. Every piece of artwork should be made out of passion for the receiver. When we do not work with affection and the wish to give our best, then we impose the times of the foreigners - and the times of all are bound.

We want to see artwork there to regain our power and our hopes. It is not a guaranty for qualitiy and succes, but the absence of charity ensures fail. With the Twitter troll, Russia's counterfeiting of gambling and general culturally toxic, if we want to create civilization, we could certainly be hoping to try the opposite.

When you are under 30 and read this, I can only apologize for the many and varied blessings of my family. So, I thought I'd try to take the happy things I have written for certain kids and try to make them fit you. My third reason leads me back to a lecture I took part in by a beloved children's author who was asked where he got his notions from.

I paraphrase him as saying that he invented them and then written them down to make good use of them for other human beings, and that means he had the best work in the can. That'?s something only children's writers can say. To learn how to make the writer understandable to the readers is the work of his life.

When I say that thinking, letter and gratitude are all that's really rewarding to talk about in the typing proces, I'm not suggesting that I'm for being stupid downstairs. Lettering for kids enables me to appreciate my work. Before I start adult reading, I always go through children's books to get a foretaste of the buff and cheerful stories and the belief in the power of thought.

Hopefully the letter for kids has permitted me to be part of this happiness and this belief.

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