How to become a Blog Writer

Become a Blog Writer?

To launch a blog in 2018 So you want to go online, do you? Actually, it was only a fortnight before I found out what a blogs is. I know a ton about them now, and my diary is quite good - I get more than 300,000 one-of-a-kind viewers a months, which makes me someone to hear from and to teach when it comes to creating your own diary.

In the following I will describe exactly what you need to do to create your own private blogs. But before we get in, I really want to discuss WHY you should create a blogs. Blogs have quickly become one of the most common forms of communication and distribution of information and messages.

You' re gonna be a better man and a better author. It can take a while to create your own blogs, probably up to 30 mins. Publication: This tutorial for launching your own blogs contains some affiliated link. Getting started in 5 steps: There are five major stages you need to take to get a blogs up and running.

By following this guideline closely, you can create your own blogs in 30 or less mins. The choice where you want to create a blogs is about the first thing you need to do. I will take a step and believe that you have heared about WordPress, and this is the plattform I support.

It is by far one of the largest blogsging portals in the whole wide range of plug-ins and add-ons and almost endless possibilities to create and create your own blogs. WordPress has more than 82 million current WordPress user = a great deal, actually. Blogs - Definitely the next best thing to WordPress.

Halfway across the community, halfway through the blogs. Although WordPress is larger (and probably better) than the two, here are my motives why you should still go with WordPress: It' your blogs will be incredibly quick and also look functional and perfectly designed - perfectly! Here is an articel about different blogs ging boards (including WordPress), see it:

You' ll need to choose whether to buy or buy a free digest. WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger provide free blogging for everyone. In a free weblog the webadress of your weblog (your URL) will be nasty. Briefly, build a free diary with any of the above free diaries and it will look like this:

Even more badly, you don't even have free WordPress theming. Conversely, with a self-hosted blogs on your own domainname - you are the REALLY owned blogs. You can name your blogs as you like, for example "" or "".

How much does it cost to host a website and a domainname? I will continue to do so on the assumption that you have selected WordPress, and if not, you should. So if you are still a little bit puzzled about what a self-hosted blogs is, allow me to tell you how to set one up for yourself.

You need to come up with a domainname you like and also pick a Hosting institution that can serve your diary. Domains: In essence, the domainname is the domainname of your website. For example: ( is the domain), ( is the domain). Consider it a computer disk on the web where your blogs are stored.

I' m using my own ipadage ( "for my blogsomain and hosting"), and I have nothing but good things to say about it. The price of a domainname is about $10-15 per year, but with ipadage you can do it for free:). If, for some apparent reasons, you don't want to go with ipadage, select your own hoster.

Most if not all of them should have a "one-click" WordPress installation tool in their administrator pod. WordPress installs this icon in your blogs folder by default. You only need to log in to iPage (or your selected provider), select your host planning and domainname and search for the WordPress installation icon in the administration box.

WortPress essential is not required often, but I would suggest WHOI's privacy (which keeps all your personally identifiable information private) and definitely automatic supports (this will store your website just in case everything goes down or vanishes, so you don't loose any or very little from your blog). Here is a more detailed guide to creating a blogs with ipadage.

When WordPress is registered on your site, all you have to do is go to your affiliate page www.yourblognamehere. com/wp-admin and begin posting by posting a new message. In the beginning the lay-out looks bewildering, but becomes very easy to understand. Make your blogs look exactly the way you want them to.

You can either go to Appearance > Topics and set up a free WordPress topic to select a new topic, or you can go to a premier site like and buy a topic for about $40. WorldPress also has this fantastic function that allows you to edit topics with just a few mouse clicks. With WordPress you can edit topics in a few minutes.

So, if you get fatigued by your latest blogs templates, you can easily move to another without loosing valuable contents or pictures. Keep in mind that the look of your blogs should mirror both you and your character, but also what the blogs are about. There' s no point in having a soccer-oriented topic when your diary is about the game of the game. understands?

I have compiled 3 entries about the design of your blogs for further information. This article can help you prevent some of the increasing pain when it comes to your first blogs - soak up! I am more than optimistic that your first blogs setup should now be done and up and running, and all this should have been really fucking simple (as opposed to my first one, good luck to you!).

This manual can help if you have any issues with the installation of WordPress on your ipad. In case you get bogged down by an unlucky situation or have a question about creating a blogs, just contact me or write a coment. Have fun with your new blogs!

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