How to become a better Blogger

Becoming a better blogger

When you' re something like me, you're always looking for blogs to help you become a better blogger. That is not the case. Becoming a better blogger. In this article it's not about how to make more money as a blogger, but about how to become more interesting.

102 Ways to Become a Better Blogger

from research and studies, I can also tell you that Bloggen is much more complicated than it seems to be on the interface. But I think that with a little trouble anyone can become a succesful blogger. Mail at least once a fortnight. Optimise your blogs for searching machines.

Send your diary to 9Rules. Send your diary to NewsNow. tells a story from your own time. Because you are genuine and intimate, you are building a loyal and trustworthy reader experience. I' ve got my own dog. Send your diary to your local directory. Track backs, post your own track backs and get to know your favourite blogger.

Giving your own personal, one-of-a-kind vote to your blogs... you! Add an RSS feedback at the end of each entry. Promote ESbookmarking after each contribution. To optimise your blogs, please download these plugins: Aqismet - This plug-in will help you to remove your comments from your mail. Optimum Coverage - With this plug-in you can optimise the cover of your weblog entry to enhance your SEO.

Googles Site Map Generator - With this plug-in you can create a Google site map for your blogs to use. View top commenters - This plug-in promotes feedbacks and discussions by awarding top commenters with a back to their page in the side bar. Similar Contributions - This plug-in finds other blogs related to the actual contribution.

It will encourage additional page impressions and keep the reader on your blogs for a longer while. WP -Cache - This plug-in is an ultra effective cache system that makes your website much quicker. WP ContactForm - This plug-in allows your reader to contact you simply by e-mail. Favourite Contest - This plug-in will determine which of your entries are most liked and then place them in the side bar.

AdSense Deluxe - This plug-in makes it simple to deploy ad-sense on your blogs. SOCIABE - This plug-in will help you to distribute your contents via online book marking websites like Digg, del.icio. us, Retdit, and others. Make your own blogsign. It is a logo of your company. Attach pictures to each of your post.

Gimme your blogs at least 6 month before you begin to expect great yields on all your heavy work. Deliver premium quality web site experiences with premium content. Spend some of your free minutes creating a truly persuasive and report-worthy news item and sending it to some of the best reporters and blogs. It can then be sent to key media releases pages, which include PRWeb and PRLeap.

Transform your items into podcasts - favorite TV shows like Google TV, YouTube and more. Sign up for the Carnivallog. Join and contribute to Reddit, Digg, Delicious, Netscape, and Storble Upon. Share your testimonials with other blogs. Build a Squidoo objective that will link to your blogs and establish you as an authority on the game.

After all, everything revolves around your reader, ask your website users for ideas on how to enhance the contents of your website. Use your Technorati blogs. When someone posts your site in his own diary, thank the blogger in the commentary of the article and write him a thank-you letter.

They can supervise all references of your Blogs with Google Alerts, Technorati and Blogpulse. Connect with related blogs both on-line and off-line. Use StumbleUpon Ads to increase the audience of your blogs. ReviewMe will review your diary. Be a guest blogger. You can use Google Analytics. Request your blogs at Feedster.

Work with your readership. Blogs are a two-way means of communicating. Some of the most popular blogs are interacting with their readership. Join our class-leading blogs. Encourage your reader to send in an article. Great ways to monetise your blog: Writing blog tips: You can use numbers in your songs to draw your eyes.

Make a summary of great blogospheric articles every week or month. An insatiable reader, you can take the gold fingers of everything you teach to your reader. Blogs don't always have to be serious. Be free to make your contributions funny and enjoyable. So if you are still looking for blogs hints, here are some great resources:

ProBlogger, JohnChow and successful blog.

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