How to be good novel

The way to be a good novel

The main characters are Katie Carr, a doctor, and her husband David Grant. At the end, How to Be Good is a funny and clever novel full of social observations that the readers of Hornby expect. But the basic model of this structure underlies every good novel, regardless of its genre. To write a novel can seem like a Herculean task. Don't hurry too much, though.

Nick Hornby: How to be good

Katie Carr definitely tries in Nick Hornby's How to Be Good. That is why she takes care of the debts of the Third World and she fights for shelter and she fights to bring up her kids with a good mind. That' s why she puts up with her self-proclaimed Angriest Man in Holloway, David. Because David, inspired by his wife's deeds.

He is about to become good - not poltically proper, eat good but good in the way of the gospel organics are. This is no simpler in Holloway today than in old Israel. Kate, a physician, a woman, a woman and a father, faces a tough decision: whether to abandon her harsh, austere spouse David (who is proud to write a piece entitled "The Angriest Man in Holloway") or to remain with him.

Long lasting marriages are dead, but is it really necessary to uproot the kids and their comforts? David then encounters a miracle worker named Dr. Goodnews and turns himself into an idealist benefactor: he donates the children's computer to an foster home, gives the family's Sunday meal to the homeless and invites escapees to remain in the spare room (and convince the neighbours).

Brilliant is every excentric character: hippie-like Goodnews, David, irritable kids and, touchingly, the reluctant, persistent Barmy Brian, a spiritually inadequate Kate sufferer who needs care. Barber's startling achievement makes a dignified novel a must-listen all-new.

A good way to be

The novel How to Be Good was written in 2001 by the English author Nick Hornby. At the center are the figures Katie Carr, a physician, and her man David Grant. It all begins when David ceases to be "The Angriest Man In Holloway" and becomes "good" with the help of his divine healing spirit DJ GoodNews (who also appears briefly in Hornby's A Long Way Down).

They do this by persuading them to give their replacement rooms to the homeless in nominal terms, but as their next plan comes "turning back" (to be good to those you haven't been good to in the past), it turns out to be futile, and so David gives up his efforts and his plan for a good how to be, with the appropriate name "How to be good".

Katie, the main characters, briefly meets a secondary figure called Dick, whose descriptions and attitudes towards her musical style are evocative of the eponymous figure from Hornby's first novel High Fidelity.

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