How to be good

A good way to be

Thilosophical, spiritual and psychological tips on how to be a good person - and advice on how to lead your best (and most moral) life. You want to be a good person today? We'll bet that by the time you read this you'll already be pretty fantastic, so these tips were made for you. What's so bad about being'a good person'?

Four ways to be a good person, according to scientists.

Many of us strive to get better, but it can be difficult to know what makes a good people. So what does it mean to be a good man? Bloomfield says how you react is part of what decides whether you are a "good person" or not. Bloomfield doesn't think it's just a dignified aim to be good.

This is the idea that luck, if you have no tragedy, comes from virtue. Untruthfulness itself, she says, is not a matter of monotony: "Lying can be a way to show concern for another being. "For example, we could do something wrong by flogging in rage or using narcotics or alcohol," says New Jersey-based Meredith Strauss, a psychologist.

Someone with bad pulse controls may not have got the room they needed as a kid to talk to their needs; someone who stuns with narcotics or drinking can hide from a hurtful one. Strauss, whose practices combine oriental philosphy with oriental psycology, thinks that we are all wellborn.

During the 70s, they supported two Vietnamese fleeing homes to come to Canada; more recently, they assisted two Israeli fleeing homes to establish themselves here. This discernment can help us to lead our own virtueful endeavors, especially when we are preoccupied or overburdened. But if not, what adaptations can we make to make sure we live a life in which we are well?

In her psychotherapeutic practices, as Strauss proposes, the good sometimes has to begin by recognizing our past errors, to accept them and to take on responsibilities so that we can move forward and try to make it better. Compensation for the injured one. To be a virtueful individual doesn't mean you never screw it up, says Grushcow - it means finding out how to react best when you do it.

Fifteen ways to be a good person today

It doesn't take a superwoman to be a good person. Usually it just means that you try a little harder to care for others and make everyone well. There are 15 fast but useful things you can do today to be an even better person (because, let's face it - by the time you read this, you're probably quite fantastic).

Rather than leave it in a car park, take the additional 30 seconds to return it to the car park. You can call a boyfriend or a member of your extended household who you haven't seen for a long time. You can thank the tellers and staff by using the name on their name badge. If humans use our name, we know and understand each other.

There are times when that's all they need. Ready to open the door to the world. Anything nice about a boyfriend, tell him! He was really pleased and said it gave him the added leap of faith he needed for a tutoring programme he was just starting.

If it' s an employee who suffers a bereavement or a girlfriend who is anxious to start her own company - let her know that you are there for her. In the case of the latter, it will be a long way to tell your boyfriend that you are supporting his mad outlooks.

Insert a good card. It also moderates a webcast entitled Pursuit With Purpose, in which it seeks to help individuals lead useful lifestyles and companies.

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