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Becoming a writer

J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter fantasy phenomenon, was open to many aspects of her series. The eerie goddess and the wedding night. Attempting to give advice to a young writer is a bit like trying to give advice to a young sportsman.

What can I do to write down and record a day's job at the same time? Foreseeable advice is provided by successful authors.

Becoming an Writer, in 5 unbelievably challenging moves

Some time ago I was writing a non-fiction textbook on the Bible. Ever since the publication of the volume, the most frequently asked question: I' m usually asked: "How did you publish your work? I' ll speak to you about the release procedure in an honest and unyielding way, even if it makes the whole thing (and me too) look kind of a shit.

As a matter of fact, I didn't even have to throw a notebook when the first contacts were made. Someone at the publisher called me out of the blue. What do you mean? I received an e-mail asking me if I was interested in compiling some books that I - quite reasonably - reacted to by slapping my hand and walking in a circle until I dropped.

" work your ass off making goods-contents there, then launch your own second site and do the same thing again, all while disregarding the beloved, training, socialisation and careers promotion in favour of typing thick gags about the firm. "Phrase what you know." Anything?! Put it down. It'?s not her fault:

" There are a few more implicit words at the end of this "write what you know" motto. "Grief stories, what you know.... as long as it's interesting and has never been done before, like a billion times." Sadness moves won't be in the Library of Congress soon.

Therefore scribble what you know.... what no one else does. Or, type what you want to know - what you find interesting and what you wish you knew more about - and just be ready to do a lot of research. Ten scholarly papers on cellular divisions and geologic anomalies were read for each lesson I wrote.

There were 10 more of me for every lesson I spend claiming to know just in case the force of desire could make it come truer. So? You're probably saying now that my novel is a myth. Secondly, I am currently in the process of producing a literature and there is as much research as the non-fiction.

This is a dystopic science mystery novel - a classical one - and I thought I would just sketch this in my mind and then make a film. One writes the term "steel" and then one has to stop and ask oneself: "Edit and edit and edit ....

And I said I was just finishing the script. Now what I'm doing is edit, and this is about a hundred time longer than the original author. Thankfully, for those of you who can hit out a design in one go, slap your hand, swirl on your heel and get out of the room and burn it behind you so that others couldn't spot it with their little brainwash -- most of us writers also have to redouble as auto-publishers.

To edit is like to write, except hatred and vice versa. Rather than giving birth to words and thoughts from nowhere, you kill them in cool temper, like sick lambs that weaken the herd. Whenever you erase a passage, you recall the three hour stops in the middle of that phrase to explore the sexual life of romance writers and what kind of changes would turn man's skins into an explosives (yes, they were both true, factual things I had to do for the new book).

However, this does not apply when you are in edit modus; something works or it does not work, and it must work. At the moment, if you have a sound self-esteem, you should seriously think about a better way of making a living than "professional writer". "May I suggest a hooker, or "a dude who'll get spat in his lips for a dollar"?

Like any other profession, no author who takes care of himself wants to speak tough numbers. In all, I made about $6.50 an hours to write my work. That is two bucks less than the basic salary in the state of Oregon, where I used to live while I wrote. I' m still getting emoluments, and if the ledger goes on sale, one day I'll get this magical number where I'll put the down payment, and everything will benefit from that, babe.

It reached its peak at number 5 in Canada (which I am advised to use for Realize adult cash and everything). My best-selling novel was the fifth in Canada for a whole entire weekend. Approximately 9,000 books have been published. I' m getting about a buck a buck in donations, and there's this annoying progress (remember, that year and a half of migratory wage?) to be selling through before I see any of that.

That'?s 21,000 left, and I get a buck! Do you still want to be a writer? ! I' ll write another one. Though I know how glamorous the whole thing is; even if I knew that I would be better reimbursed for my stay, if I would spend my night under the stands at a open-mouthed footballgame and try to take coins wandering around; even if I knew that the whole trial was based on self-hatred and terrible, boring monotonousness, I would still be working on the new text again as soon as this colume is ready, because.... because....

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