How to be a self Published Author

Becoming a self-published author

I don't remember you proofreading your resume. You' ve protected your social media accounts. You're a debut author. They keep saying that you aspire. You're not writing your second or third book.

New self-published authors often make 11 mistakes

Frequent errors that recently published writers can make. But some of the errors that new writers often make can make it even harder to do it. Most importantly, once you are published, you are an author. You' ll get good and poor ratings, and your work can be successful, but is more than likely not to be sold in large numbers.

This is the publication. It is a game of chance, and the reality is that publication, especially the fictional one, has always been a game of chance. So how can you do your best and prevent looking like a new writer who has no clue what he's doing? A lot of new writers are so enthusiastic about being published for the first and in their hurry to tell the news, they quickly create a biography for online news sites, but forgetting to do a spell check and proofreading.

Misspellings in the biography of an author are an utter mortal blow. What will your biography look like if there are any mistakes? A writer will check every last one of the words he writes, no matter how little or where he writes it. You' ve secured your online account.

When you think that the protection of your Tweeters accounts allows you to take full advantage of the global marketplace, you are completely inaccurate. And not only that, you tell prospective fans (readers) to go away. When you are an author, you cannot find a unique way for the reader to find you and your work.

Sure, you're a new author, so now you don't have to study, research, learn and enhance. You' re not a writer if you don't study every single pen. When you tell the public that you're an award-winning and NYT best-selling author, maybe you should have a high ranking in booksales, a lot of criticism, more than 100 fans on Twitter and a few more than 50 hits on your Facebook page.

It'?s not a good way to get a buyer. Okay, you're an author, so why tell the public that you're also a hairdresser, Avon representative, auto salesperson, SAHM, or helpdesk aide? You' re a writer! You' re a writer! Become one and leave out the dull detail of everyday living.

You' re a first-time writer. Début is a great term if you want to warn the reader. Says here you're new and probably an unexperienced writer. Be a writer and just ignore the clichés. You are no longer looking for a publication if you have a copy on Amazon.

Indeed, abandon all the dull clichés used by 1,000 other novice writers. You be a writer and be inventive. You' re not going to write your second or third volume. Okay, you published your own work. Whipping a song can be very tiring for you and all your friends you hit around your neck with your one copy every single working days.

You' re a writer. You' re making your own dust jacket. You can see it, and it attracts attention like a wondrous thumbs as an amplitude-bookcover. Attract a pro and give your textbook a good shot at succeeding. Its not costly to buy pre-designed e-books coverings, and even a custom-made design diffuser won't breach the bench.

A horrible self-made front page, however, will destroy your buying power. You' re in the business of editing. That is the main of the reasons why so many self-published works cannot be sold. Pressing the Edit pushbutton after the first design of a script is a sure way to a complete catastrophe.

Hold on, go get a Beta reader, get an Editor. Modify, browse, edit, enhance and get more alpha users. Waiting until you have established a strong community and have a great blogs working for you to advertise your upcoming work. Publish is not a game. Keep in mind that most editors take a year or more to get a work ready for publication.

Become an author.

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