How to be a King

Becoming a King

One poet, one peasant and one king. I was up and down, over and over again. Whenever I find myself flat on my face. These qualities can prove to be advantageous in today's world if they are adopted by a leader / manager / administration / HR. This was told by Bhishma Pitamah on his deathbed Yudhishthir.

Die Königsseeleele - Personality & Spirituality

He is one of the seven kinds of soap or "roles in essence". The king's beast is a native guide with an inherent feeling for might and individual discernment. As warriors, a king is an action-oriented soot. However, while warriors are drawn to front line actions, the king spirits choose to be in a dominant role from which they can supervise and lead the whole game.

Its name" King" mirrors the fact that such spirits have a dominant appearance, an inherent strength and even a royal aura. Royal Spirits are natural guides and others have an automatic tendency to look for guidance and directions. Soul kings have a tendency to see the surrounding universe as their own checkerboard - and others are things that can be mooted.

An example of a king's mind in motion is a video by Katherine Hepburn, who comes to a TV studios for an intro. Being in the affirmative center of their core, the royal minds are fully independent, mighty and accountable, and they are accountable for themselves and their environment.

You can attain the oneness of efforts and the synergies of acting by enabling others to accomplish great things. In contrast to any other role, King Spirits seem to be in full ownership. That might seem great, but it means that King Spirits have little visibility into the inner battles of others. Royal Spirits are inherently dominating in the world and therefore not fortunate in subservient parts - even as the youngest member of the familiy, a baby will want to be king.

During their whole lives, the royal spirits will have a tendency to take over management and responsibilities with little outlay. As all other spirits, the king will live from all possible angles - this is important for the equilibrium. Many film and drama producers are royal minds, such as Sir David Lean and James Cameron.

Of course, as an actor, royal minds like Tommy Lee Jones are distinguished by the fact that they play dominating, authentic figures very sound - fleshy or even stony; a very muscled, well definite pine (think of the classical heroes with a quadratic jaw); a sober, omniscient, sovereign look; a kind of intrepid, "king of the jungle" gaze.

During the second series, Baby King's are mostly ultra-conservative community guides - the burgomaster, the head of policing, the mob leader. The young kingdoms are naturally imperial farmers who are able to achieve great success. A lot of typhoons are young males. Ripe royalty such as Queen Elizabeth I, Katherine Hepburn, James Garner, Sam Neill, Madeleine Albright, Kiri Te Kanawa and Richard Branson try to use their guidance and authoritative presences more contemplatively and creative, for example in art.

Ancients try to become champions of their own might for the good of the community or the whole wide globe. At the end of the series, many become hikers without shelter - "kings of the road". It is very rare for an old king who has ended reincarnation to come back to live physically to minister as a spirit teacher, as an Avatar, as the Incarnate Truth.

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