How to be a Guide

Becoming a guide

The Tour Director vs. the Tour Guide. When you' re in a rut with your current job, you have the chance to do something different every day. Grown-up vs. Going Off Road.

Deal with the crowd, not what you're talking about. Include a story (historical or contemporary).

How to become a tour guide in 3 ways

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The 10 qualities every tour guide should have

A part of the management of a succesful family-touring enterprise has nothing to do with the shop, but with the persons in it. An enormously important factor in managing a travel management organization is having individuals on your staff who motivate travellers and local residents to come back and tell their mates.

That' s exactly what we were able to do thanks to our amazing Chicago Food Planet Food Tours itinerary. As the right people are needed to be a guide, we have noted down some of the skills that make a guide a success. Not only should they be good communicators, they must also be good interlocutors with open-minded people, what we call "Star of the Show" excellence, which cannot be taught.

When a new group of foreigners shows up, there may be some kind of societal clumsiness, and a guide should be able to interrupt this immediately so that they will be happy to talk to each other and to their guide. It will ensure that they are open to adding remarks or queries later.

Travel books must keep many statistics and facts when guiding visitors through a city, but they must also be a great storyteller. Guidebooks just can't misunderstand the information, spending additional hours remembering it or spending the whole trip on a sheet ofaper.

We don't ask your guide to do an improvisational show, but the skill of changing things during the ride and playing out the group's power is important. Those things should not put your guide in a queue, they should be able to customize their scripts as needed. Too much of this could make your customers think they have no place to say anything.

In the same way that a guide often uses the group's energies, your participants are likely to live on their guide's energies. Their leader is thrilled with what he's saying, but not so thrilled that he doesn't authentic. Timeliness is a must for tourist coaches.

When your guide is not on schedule to see the arrivals at the meeting point, there will be disorientation, disappointment and disconcert. In addition to the fact that your guide should know where they are going, they should also be able to guide people. On our Chicago Food Planet Food touring at least, we begin and end in different places.

Guidebooks often need to be ready to give some general instructions to help travelers get to where they need to be when the trip is over. Although it is not a prerequisite, some of the best chauffeurs are local themselves. The great thing about this kind of service is that they can contribute their own know-how, experiences and their own stories to the group.

That can make a trip a special adventure for those who are looking for a real adventure outside the sights. Not least, real passions and interests can make a trip from typically to extraordinary. Everyone can point out and chant facts, but those who really like what they do can share this enthusiasm with the local people and visitors to make them really do it.

And those who are enthusiastic about their cities contribute their own experiences to the itineraries. If you hire a guide (or are a guide yourself), what are the main characteristics?

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