How to be a Book

Becoming a book

Sure, it will need some optimizations and rewrites here and there, but first you need to actually write it. "...HOW TO BE A FUCKING UNICORN.

" An industry standard is that books are measured in word count, not page count. Whichever book-related career you have in mind, here is what you need to know to get a job in publishing. From personal experience it is difficult to write a book.

Becoming a bookseller?

In June 2011, according to a poll carried out by the Books Sale Finder website, used booksellers had annual revenues of over $50,000 and annual revenues of less than $5,000. The most important reason why one should become a bookseller was the low level of investment, one's own working time, the possibility to work from home and to relish the search for missing curios.

Be a bookseller while you are still working full-time and little or no previous bookselling expertise is needed. Decide what kind of business you want to be selling your work. You can open branches or run an on-line market place for your products. Sites like eBay, Alibris and allow you to buy new, used and uncommon eBay products.

Declare your company to the tax office. Booksellers have a broad spectrum of possibilities at their disposal. If you are selling used, uncommon or new titles, please consider what interests you have and how much research you need to spend on the value of uncommon and ancient titles. Explore your and your markets to see which clients want in your markets and which rivals offer in relation to titles and pricing.

Draw up a businessplan. Indicate how you will be selling your book, what price you will use, which staff you will need and how much you will need. You should also consider how you will commercialize your company on the basis of your research. This includes any general costs such as rental payment for the property, additional costs and ancillary costs.

When you need to purchase a commercial credit, you need a professional-looking commercial credit representative to present it to them. Consult the state and your municipal authorities to obtain appropriate commercial licences. Visit your Undersecretary of State's website and look for the company name under which you will work.

Reach agreements with publishing houses. In case you intend to resell new publications, please consult the publishing house and request the receipt of the volumes at wholesaler-price. Select the ledgers to make a profit. Set up a stockpile of textbooks. Gather them for sale through libraries, second-hand shops, realty and auction sites.

Hardcover and paperback titles are among the different kinds of publications. Get expert opinions for costly textbooks. The expert opinions must contain a descriptive text of the register, the current value to be attributed and a descriptive text of the expert's qualification. INCLUDES estimates with uncommon and ancient booksales. Pricelist for your textbooks. You can use estimates, vendor-proposed selling rates, and competitors' rates to calculate costs to your clients.

Take precautions for the safekeeping of your ledgers. When you sell the book solely on line, you need room in your house or your own storeroom. Keep your best-selling bookstores. Build a website to promote your company. If you specialise in scarce and costly titles, this is particularly important, as it requires specific clients looking for these inline.

Promote your company based on your own sales strategy in your own company strategy.

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