How to be a better Author

Becoming a better author

The things that are hardest to write. Research, why should the author take care of the finesse? Ask yourself before you sit down to write: NARRATOR: Write From Your Happy Place. Set yourself a time limit. Ask: "What would my hero write?

Top 10 simple tips to help you become a better writer

You like to work? If you work in an agency or run your own shop, you will probably be spending about a fourth of your working days doing one thing: letter. Oh, and that's just the part of your daily you're gonna be spending on email. If you want to put together more than 40,000 words this year - at least - you might as well be learning to do your best.

There are 10 ways you can become a better author right away. So why do I write? What is the result you want with this particular part of the letter? Do you write to light up the day for someone? As a rule, the best typeface has a clear, sounding intent. When you have difficulty getting to the point, take a few moments to think about the individual (or persons) you are working with and draw up a road map for yourself by completing the following statements:

This is because I write: Just think, you presume to work for an audiences of small children - eager, slightly diverted, with zero toleration for canting. Have you ever noticed that it almost never works when you are under stress and trying to "force" yourself to do something astonishing? The longer you take care of a bit of scripture, the harder it gets for most of them.

If you have a clear purpose for your work, and you are feeling comfortable and laid-back (see Tip #4), your first design is usually best. When you' re dealing with a delicate bit of script that needs to strike the right note, try channelling one of your own sheeroes. Attempt to adopt a firm attitude instead of closing your letter with an open command line.

"I' m so thrilled you're going to give a note at our yearly meeting. Wherever possible, you should reread your letter aloud. lf it is, pinch it and reread it aloud. Put "Daymaker" as your measure of your own performance - for your work and for everything you do. If your letter is "perfect" or not, your intention will show through.

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