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At the DC Independent Film Festival I attended the screening of How To Be Here in Washington, DC. You have always loved photography, cooking or design, but want to know how to make it a career? We' ve got tips on how you can put your passions into practice. Humans are created, mostly in an old-fashioned way. Well, how happy am I anyway?

Becoming a future person

It evolves along a time line of mile stones that vary little from individual to individual. With the exception of the last, at least until now, there are runaways at every stage, but the state of man is the state of man. The 200,000-year-old mankind is beginning to shift up. There'?s nothing false about thinking the present is the way forward.

Technological life-changing powers, globalisation, climate changes and breathtaking progress in the fields of medical and scientific research are re-inventing what it means to be people. It'?s the kind of cancer that changes our brain. They can watch it all on Future Humans.

What to be the kind of person everyone wants to know

There are some who are just happy to be part of it. They look forward to seeing them, and when you split up, you have the feeling that their society was a precious use of your orbit. Carol Dweck, a human being's attitude can come in two flavours: fixated and growing. If we understand the differences between the two, we can shed insight into why some are better than others in showing us a good quality of life.

Briefly, someone with a firm attitude thinks that we are what we are, and that things - personal characteristics, abilities, convictions about ourselves, etc. - don't really alter things - ?don Like, with a set attitude, if I'm not good at math, then I'm just like that. At the same time, a person with a growth-oriented attitude is a believer in continuous development.

There are some who have a tendency towards a firm way of thinking, others towards the way of growing, but it is not entirely digital. Our assessment of our own value, our own performance and our own skills depends on our attitude. Individuals' mentality is directed against others. To be good at something, they have to be better than everyone else around them, or at least somewhere near the top.

In addition, this way of thinking generates pride, because - looking below from its heavily guarded place at the top of ?a - a firm way of thinking individuals really think ahead of the human beings with whom they are surrounded. Actually, they have to think like that to be valuable. However, the mentality of the person will always seem succesful, dignified and well-targeted.

We welcome challenges with a growth-oriented attitude, because immediate results and appreciation are not the final objectives. Unnecessarily, growth-oriented individuals have the long-term ability to go further and become larger in all areas of their life. Several stubborn individuals have a tendency to act in a way that makes us small, and they seem to enjoy this result.

They are the ones we do not want to say anything foolish to, and if we did, we would have the need to defend ourselves in order to keep face. When someone gets into a firm way of thinking, everything and everyone around him starts to work like a looking glass. As a fussy, aggressive group of schoolchildren, anyone around a solid individual can grab the bow and end up in an unpleasant one-up-manship patterns that can quickly become messed up.

It can be unpleasant for a boyfriend to be hanging out with him because he has the ability to hinder our grow. You can' t extend if you hold on anxiously to a self-esteem that seems to be under fire. But on the other hand, there are really good days with those who make us think we are well enough to study them.

We are present when we are together with growth-oriented individuals. When someone we are with is in a growing way of thinking, we can feel their renunciation of the idea of failing, and so we can feel much more at ease when we make errors. And, because growth-oriented individuals do not have to look into these legendary mirror all morning, they are better able to see the other, and they are able to relate to those around them in a much more genuine way.

Societies of this kind make it easy to understand and welcome each other. If we are feeling acceptable, we can let go of our own need for constant self-reference. All of a sudden the room between two persons becomes the center and is much lighter with useful conversations or activities or whatever it may be that we can mostly learnt from this age.

Away from the game, growth-oriented individuals really enjoy our success and we can be proud of them as well. They are the humans whose good mood lifts us up. A few of my oldest and best friend are just like that, but a growth-oriented attitude is not a trait that is reserved only for those we know from inside and outside.

In general, you can detect it in a human being as soon as you encounter it. It is not necessarily just the folks who would not criticize an ongoing job or smile at the silly thing you just said. However, when that happens, we don't have the feeling that they are taking the crisps off our valuable pile.

To those of us who live in the evolved ?our, those of us for whom fundamental surviving is not a huge ?our seem to derive our greatest concerns from the question of our appropriateness, our good nature. It is these anxieties that can put us on hold. Though solid individuals can seem priggish and thoughtful, it is often a profound and sometimes subconscious uncertainty about themselves that leads them to do so.

This means that those who are competing with others usually do so out of a wish to become valued to their adoration, affection or thought. This would be a frightening question, and arrogance is usually a feature that is already a permanent feature. When mentalities are infectious, there is no way to know who discovered the error first in a relation.

You can stop the plague by embracing a growing mentality and encourage others to do so. So, take yourself less seriously because your shortcomings are the things men really associate with.

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